9.5% Goal Conversion Rate

865 Phone Calls

213 Emails

242 Contact Form Submissions

Ranked Top 3 Search Results On Google

For over 50 Keywords

Driving Success:
Revamping Gennaro Transports Full Marketing Strategy

Business Background:

For more than four decades, Gennaro has been a leader in truck driver training for Alberta’s trucking, transportation, logistics, and education industries. They offer a wide range of certification courses, including Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Air Brakes, and PDIC, with both in-class and online options. Their commitment to their student’s success has kept them at the top of their field and a school of choice for anyone interested in the trucking and transportation industry.

The Challenge:

Gennaro faced a significant challenge with their website and lead generation. Their website was outdated and built on a proprietary platform that couldn’t be updated. It struggled to effectively showcase its courses, financing options, and student testimonials. Our team was brought in to revamp their website, creating an interactive platform that would provide accurate information to students, boost student submissions, and educate visitors about the advantages of trucking. All this while competing with newer schools entering the market.

Our Solution: 

Our team analyzed Gennaro’s website process using user behaviour technology, we prioritized course selection and financing applications for easy registration. Emphasizing Gennaro’s dedication to students’ graduation built trust, and with a  comprehensive SEO strategy that included relevant links, blog content, and informative service pages, it resulted in exceptional outcomes and an increase in positive student reputation. All while flooding the phone lines, email inboxes, and form submissions for Gennaro’s staff.

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