100,000 + 

Targeted Visitors To The New Website

5M +

 Targeted Impressions Across Social Platforms

50K + 

Targeted Ad Campaign Clicks

3K +

 Delivered Qualified Land Leads

Ranked 1st Page Google

For Over 45 Land Based Keywords

From SEO Destruction to Multi-Channel Growth:
Hansen Land Brokers Ascend To New Heights

Business Background:

For over 30 years, Hansen Land Brokers has been an established provider of agricultural, development, and investment properties across Alberta. They have facilitated an impressive $500 million in land sales, equipped with expertise and modern marketing techniques to guide clients in selling and purchasing land-based assets.

The Challenge:

Hansen Land’s SEO campaign was successful for six years until a website redesign caused their rankings to plummet. Within a few months, they started to lose traffic significantly and some of their top keywords were removed from the search rankings on Google.

Our Solution:

The team at Beanstalk conducted a thorough analysis, reviewed various potential scenarios, and created a plan with three phases. This plan was utilized to:

  1. Recover lost SEO
  2. Strategize a plan to create new exposure
  3. Maintain existing lost results and new strategy

Our team was able to:

  • Build a solid and efficient digital platform, including a website and connection to a third-party auction platform
  • Improve the website’s SEO rating, allowing Hansen Land to dominate search rankings
  • Create new branding and advertising strategies
  • Capture in-the-moment leads with an effective multi-channel marketing strategy

Through efforts spanning the last 3 years, our team has been able to generate more website visits, project leads, and auction sales than ever before and organic traffic continues to keep growing.

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