Consulted & Assisted In Building New Social Asset Hierarchy Structure

Prevented Future Hacks By Enabling Proper 2FA Processes

Building Security:
Strategic Social Hack Recovery For Qualico

Business Background:

For almost 70 years, Qualico has been a leader in the real estate industry in Western Canada. With ten different business units spanning across Canada, the company has become one of the region’s largest privately owned real estate companies. Their success can be attributed to their extensive experience, financial investments, and diverse services.

The Challenge:

The Qualico business pages on Facebook and Instagram were hacked, causing severe consequences. Hackers could modify information easily due to incorrect identification of business units. They also promoted their own products, leading to misinformation and a loss of brand confidence among followers and their large social community.

Our Solution:

After Qualico’s META business assets were hacked (Facebook and Instagram). Beanstalk was privately consulted to restructure all social assets and implement proper security measures to prevent future hacks.

  • Consulted and assisted In building a new social asset hierarchy
  • Enabled 2FA authorization factors for certain members of management
  • Removed all personal information from business units

Through the proper build and structure of the META asset management system, only key members of Qualico’s team had access to different levels of information within their business manager. This resulted in increased social security and a change log that provided Qualico’s upper management details on assets that were being accessed, reducing future hack potentials.

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