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Executive Summary

The Gennaro Transport Training case study highlights the successful implementation of a strategic SEO initiative by Beanstalk. Focused on improving online visibility and lead generation for Gennaro Transport Training, the strategy aimed to secure top positions in search engine rankings. Through meticulous keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO enhancements, we successfully elevated Gennaro Transport Training’s online presence. The results include increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings, and improved lead quality. This SEO-driven approach not only enhanced brand visibility but also positioned Gennaro Transport Training as a prominent player in the industry, ultimately contributing to their sustained growth and success.

About The Client

For more than four decades, Gennaro has been a leader in truck driver training for Alberta’s trucking, transportation, logistics, and education industries. They offer a wide range of certification courses, including Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Air Brakes, and PDIC, with both in-class and online options. Their commitment to their student’s success has kept them at the top of their field and a school of choice for anyone interested in the trucking and transportation industry. However, they confronted a significant hurdle with low online visibility and ineffective lead generation strategies. This lack of visibility hindered their ability to attract quality leads and capitalize on potential clients seeking transport training services. Recognizing these challenges, our growth agency identified the need for a comprehensive SEO strategy to elevate Gennaro Transport Training’s online profile.

The Challenge

Gennaro faced a significant challenge with their website and lead generation. Their website was outdated and built on a proprietary platform that couldn’t be updated. It struggled to effectively showcase its courses, financing options, and student testimonials. Our team was brought in to revamp their website, creating an interactive platform that would provide accurate information to students, boost student submissions, and educate visitors about the advantages of trucking. All this while competing with newer schools entering the market.

Gennaro Transport Training faced four distinct challenges:

  • Outdated Website Design:
    The existing website suffered from an outdated design that hindered its ability to effectively showcase Gennaro’s courses, financing options, and student testimonials. This limitation compromised the user experience and impeded the conveyance of crucial information to potential students.
  • Proprietary Platform Limitations:
    Built on a proprietary platform, the website couldn’t be updated, posing a significant hurdle. This limitation restricted Gennaro from implementing necessary changes to adapt to evolving industry standards, resulting in an inability to stay current and relevant.
  • Poor Lead Generation:
    The outdated website struggled to capture student submissions, affecting lead generation efforts. This issue not only impacted the quantity but also the quality of leads, hindering Gennaro’s ability to attract and enroll prospective students effectively.
  • Competitive Disadvantage in the Market:
    Gennaro faced a competitive disadvantage against newer schools entering the market with more modern and interactive websites. The lack of an up-to-date platform made it challenging to compete, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive revamp to ensure competitiveness within the evolving industry landscape.

Our Solutions

Our team analyzed Gennaro’s website process using user behaviour technology, we prioritized course selection and financing applications for easy registration. Emphasizing Gennaro’s dedication to students’ graduation built trust, and with a comprehensive SEO strategy that included relevant links, blog content, and informative service pages, it resulted in exceptional outcomes and an increase in positive student reputation. All while flooding the phone lines, email inboxes, and form submissions for Gennaro’s staff.

The Gennaro and its brand went through the following strategized actions:

  • User-Centric Website Redesign:
    Employing advanced user behavior technology, our team meticulously analyzed Gennaro’s website process. The redesign focused on enhancing user experience by prioritizing intuitive course selection and simplifying financing applications. This user-centric approach aimed to streamline the registration process, ensuring ease and efficiency for prospective students.
  • Trust-Building Initiatives:
    Recognizing the importance of building trust, our team emphasized Gennaro’s commitment to student success and graduation. Clear communication about the institution’s dedication to student welfare and achievement was strategically integrated into the website content. This trust-building initiative aimed to instill confidence in potential students, fostering a positive reputation for Gennaro Transport Training.
  • Comprehensive SEO Strategy:
    To bolster online visibility and attract a broader audience, a comprehensive SEO strategy was deployed. This included the incorporation of relevant links, engaging blog content, and informative service pages. The strategy was designed not only to improve search engine rankings but also to position Gennaro as an authoritative and valuable resource in the field of transport training. The outcome was exceptional, resulting in increased visibility and a positive reception within the target audience.
  • Increased Engagement Channels:
    Our efforts extended beyond website optimization to flood Gennaro’s communication channels. Implementing effective SEO tactics not only enhanced online visibility but also translated into increased phone inquiries, email interactions, and form submissions. This influx of engagement served to efficiently connect prospective students with Gennaro’s staff, facilitating smoother enrollment processes and communication.

These multifaceted solutions collectively contributed to a transformation in Gennaro Transport Training’s online presence, generating positive outcomes, and reinforcing their reputation as a trusted and competitive player in the transport training industry.

The Impact

At the onset of our partnership with Gennaro Transport Training, their online presence faced challenges with only 24 out of 429 keywords securing top 10 positions on Google. Beanstalk Growth Marketing embarked on a journey to transform their digital landscape, implementing strategic solutions that not only improved keyword rankings but also significantly impacted the business’s overall growth.

Keyword Rankings:

  • At Project Start: 429 total keywords ranked, with only 24 in the top 10 positions.
  • 9 Months Later: A remarkable ascent to 1,711 total keywords ranked, including 72 in the top 10 positions on Google.

Average Keyword Ranking Gains:

  • Over the initial 9 months, the average ranking across all keywords increased by an impressive 36.7%.

Organic Traffic:

  • First 90 Days: Witnessed a 100% growth in organic sessions and a substantial 92.68% increase in page views.

What’s In It For Their Business?

Extended Customer Reach

Initially facing limited visibility online, Gennaro Transport Training saw a significant improvement after nine months. This enhanced visibility ensures a broader audience can now easily discover Gennaro when searching for transport training services, expanding potential customer reach.

Enhanced Market Position

Over the initial nine months, improved keyword rankings have elevated Gennaro’s market position, allowing it to stand out amidst competitors. This heightened visibility not only bolsters credibility but positions Gennaro as a preferred choice in the competitive landscape.

Substantial Growth in Online Engagement

Within the first 90 days of strategic initiatives, Gennaro witnessed a remarkable surge in organic sessions and page views, signaling increased interest and exploration of their offerings. This surge in online activity translates into tangible opportunities for new student enrollments and business growth.



This transformation transcends mere statistical improvements; it translates to tangible business growth. The surge in keyword rankings and organic traffic directly contributed to increased visibility and customer engagement.

The collaboration with Beanstalk Growth Marketing has not only elevated Gennaro Transport Training’s digital footprint but has also translated into measurable business success. The combination of quantitative data and qualitative feedback paints a compelling picture of the transformative impact of our solutions.



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