Hyland Landscapes

1st Page Ranking on Google For Over 25 Keywords

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Natural Organic Backlinks Created


SERP Features (FAQs, Featured Snippets, Local Pack, and Knowledge Panel)

Average of 25+

Position Jump In Keyword Gains


Increase In Landscape Design Sales


Increase In Landscape Design Sales


Increase In Total Google Ranked Keywords

Executive Summary

We helped Hyland Landscapes enhance their website and messaging, resulting in impressive marketing campaigns that generated high-quality leads and increased project value.

About The Client

Hyland Landscapes is a top-notch landscaping company in Vancouver, offering stunning design-build services for commercial and residential projects. They’re known as the “architects of outdoor living” and work with homeowners, property managers, builders, and designers to create beautiful outdoor spaces for the elite.

The Challenge

Hyland Landscapes needed to update its website and messaging to position itself as a leading Landscape Design-Build organization and improve its marketing strategy.

Our Solutions

Our team was eager to help Hyland Landscapes create the right message and branding to make them a leading design-build company in Vancouver. Through careful listening and understanding our client’s needs, our team was able to:

  • Develop an aggressive marketing plan
  • Re-engineered the SEO strategy
  • Intensified advertising to access new markets
  • Delivered a stunning website that reflected Hyland’s desired brand
  • Created multiple successful marketing and advertising campaigns across various channels.

The collaborative effort consistently produced a high volume of monthly leads. This resulted in a significant rise in the average project value and enabled Hyland to optimize its marketing activities within specific Vancouver areas. By focusing on locations where they didn’t have to invest time in travel, they were able to allocate more time to securing new projects and maximizing their earnings.

The Impact





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