Keywords in Top 10 Ranking Positions on Google


Keywords in top 3 ranking positions on Google


Decrease In Cost Per Lead


Project Leads in Under 60 Days


Growth In Organic Web Traffic

$50,000$ - $300,000+

Average Project Value

Executive Summary

Imagine a landscaping company crafting exquisite, high-end outdoor living solutions – hidden behind an online presence that doesn’t reflect their brilliance. That was Hyland Landscapes. Their talent for creating breathtaking outdoor spaces deserved a digital presence that matched their artistry. This case study delves deeper than just a website makeover. We’ll reveal how we used data-driven strategies to not only elevate Hyland Landscapes as the premier name in luxury design, but also attract the discerning clientele who value their meticulous craftsmanship through targeted ads and search engine optimization (SEO).

About The Client

Hyland Landscapes, a premium full-service landscape design-build contractor based in Vancouver, excels in creating award-winning outdoor living spaces in collaboration with homeowners, architects, builders, and designers. Hyland Landscapes aspired to be recognized as a premier, luxury design-build landscape company. However, their existing website didn’t reflect this high-end positioning. This disconnect hindered their ability to attract the desired clientele and high-value projects. Recognizing the need for an elevated digital strategy, Hyland Landscapes chose Beanstalk to enhance its web presence. Our strategy focused on two key areas: establishing Hyland Landscapes’ position as a high-end design-build leader and generating leads specifically to gain high-end luxury projects. First, we implemented a targeted positioning strategy to elevate their brand perception. Second, we streamlined the online experience, ensuring it seamlessly reflects the excellence of Hyland Landscapes’ real-world craftsmanship, attracting the ideal high-networth individuals.

The Challenge

Hyland Landscapes possessed the expertise and craftsmanship to be a premier design-build landscape company, catering to high-end clientele. However, their brand image didn’t reflect this aspiration. Their existing website failed to capture the essence of their luxury design work.

This disconnect presented two significant challenges:

  • Brand Misrepresentation: The website didn’t portray Hyland Landscapes as the luxury design leader they deserved. This hindered their ability to attract the high-net-worth individuals and upscale clients they desired.
  • Limited Lead Generation: The website wasn’t optimized to generate leads from the upmarket. This restricted their access to the high-value projects that aligned with their expertise.

In essence, Hyland Landscapes needed an online presence that mirrored the quality of their work and effectively attracted the luxury projects they deserved.


Our Solutions

Our data-driven & creative approach focused on positioning Hyland Landscapes as a Vacouvers premier outdoor living design-build firm and transforming their online presence into a powerful branding & lead generation tool, specifically targeting affluent clients. We achieved this through a two-pronged strategy: brand positioning and targeted lead generation.

The main goal? Simple: Elevate Hyland’s market position to be the go-to luxury landscape firm for substantial projects ranging from $50,000 to $100,000+. They want to attract clients eager to turn their outdoor spaces into an extension of their homes. The spotlight is on the design element in their “design-build” services. This straightforward strategy now forms the core of our strategy.

Strategic Market Positioning
At the heart of the overhaul was a simple yet powerful goal: to position Hyland as a premier luxury design-build landscape firm. The landscape design-build industry is highly competitive. Luxury design positions Hyland above basic landscaping services, targeting a client willing to pay more for exclusivity and high-quality design. After successfully repositioning Hyland Landscapes through their website redesign, our focus shifted towards SEO and lead generation. This strategic move aimed to capitalize on their new market stance. The synergy of design excellence and strategic online visibility forms the bedrock of Hyland’s journey towards sustained growth and success.

Canvas of Services
Hyland Landscapes, with our team’s help, has unveiled a digital masterpiece, creating dedicated pages, and effectively transforming their website into an immersive gallery. This comprehensive approach enables visitors to embark on a visual exploration of Hyland’s expertise, capturing the essence of their landscape design journey from initial concept to impeccable execution.

Localized Connection
Recognizing the importance of community ties, Hyland Landscapes has introduced five new pages dedicated to key locations—Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. This localized approach enhances visibility and establishes a personalized connection with potential clients in these vibrant communities. The website now serves as a map, guiding users through Hyland Landscapes’ presence in each area, reinforcing the company’s commitment to serving and beautifying these unique landscapes.

Artistry in Pixels
Beyond expanding the website, Beanstalk has set the stage for a digital renaissance for Hyland Landscapes through the optimization of its entire website design. With every click, users are now led on an intuitive and visually enticing journey that mirrors the artistry Hyland Landscapes brings to tangible landscapes. At the same time, Beanstalk crafted highly effective lead-generation ads that serve as a testament to their digital artistry. These ads, designed with precision and an artistic flair, captivate the audience, spurring engagement and conversions during the peak season. Collectively, these enhancements redefine Hyland Landscapes not only as a leader in landscape design but also as an innovative force in the digital landscape.

The Impact

The transformative impact of Beanstalk’s strategic digital marketing efforts is undeniable. Since the overhaul of Hyland Landscapes’ web presence, they observed a seismic shift in online visibility, with 53 carefully optimized keywords securing a Top 10 spot in search results—a testament to our meticulous and targeted approach to enhancing the digital footprint of our client.

Financial efficiency in lead generation emerged as a standout achievement; we proudly report an 81% reduction in the Cost Per Lead. This financial acumen reflects Beanstalk’s pledge to create a cost-effective lead generation model without sacrificing quality or volume.

The dedication to performance optimization is further underscored by a staggering 99.2% increase in our Optimization Rate, a clear indicator of the relentless fine-tuning and proficiency that Beanstalk brings to campaign management.

Quantitatively, the results are just as compelling: over 400 leads generated under 60 days, a remarkable testament to the surge in user engagement. More impressively, there has been an 814.29% boost in organic traffic to Hyland Landscapes’ website, signifying an ever-strengthening online presence that continues to capture consumer interest.

A high effectiveness of our advertising campaign that ran under 60 days is evidenced by an impressive tally of 15,732 ad clicks. These clicks extend beyond just numbers—they symbolize the amplified brand recognition and the tangible success of our digital advertising strategies in resonating with and capturing the audience’s attention.

The real-world impact of our digital strategies is measurable not only in clicks and leads but also in high-value projects ranging from $50,000 to $300,000+, underscoring the capacity of Beanstalk’s comprehensive campaign strategies to convert digital traction into substantial business gains for our client, Hyland Landscapes.



Hyland Landscapes, a highly talented landscape design company, needed to position themselves to the upmarket, and a new online presence that matched their high-end work. We stepped in and revamped their online presence with a simple yet powerful strategy. We positioned them as the #1 and premier design-build firm. We made their website showcase their amazing designs and attract the kind of high-income clients they deserved. By combining a focus on their brand image with attracting the right leads, we helped Hyland Landscapes become the design leader they always envisioned. This project proves that the right strategic positioning and a well-designed website can truly make a big difference.



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