Safeguarding Success: How Beanstalk Rescued and Secured Qualico's Digital Assets



Recovery Rate For All Lost Business Ad Units


Increase In Staff’s Compliance With Security Measures


Comprehensive Digital Security Plan

Executive Summary

The Qualico case study highlights how Beanstalk effectively responded to a critical digital security crisis. When Qualico’s digital assets on META were compromised, Beanstalk swiftly intervened to rescue and safeguard them. This case study focuses on the comprehensive digital security plan developed by Beanstalk and its successful implementation for Qualico’s META assets.

About The Client

Qualico is a renowned real estate company that has been operating in Western Canada since 1951. Recognized for its expertise in custom community building, Qualico manages multiple business units across various regions. Its long-standing success can be attributed to industry knowledge, reliable financial partnerships, and a diverse portfolio. However, they encountered a significant setback when their digital assets on META were compromised.

The Challenge

Qualico faced a critical digital security crisis when their digital assets on META were compromised. This crisis not only posed a threat to their online presence but also potentially jeopardized the trust and credibility of their brand. The inability of their previous agency to provide a viable solution further intensified the setback.

The key challenges faced by Qualico included:

  • Compromised Digital Assets: The security breach led to unauthorized access to Qualico’s digital assets on META, including business ad units and pages. This compromise undermined their control over content, putting their brand reputation at risk.
  • Brand Trust and Credibility: With its digital assets compromised, Qualico grappled with the challenge of restoring trust and credibility among its audience. The breach could have potentially eroded customer confidence and affected their business relationships.
  • Technical Expertise: Qualico needed a partner with the necessary technical expertise to handle the complex process of recovering and securing their digital assets. They required a comprehensive plan that could not only resolve the immediate crisis but also ensure long-term digital security.
  • Time Sensitivity: The critical nature of the crisis demanded swift action. Qualico needed a solution provider capable of responding quickly and efficiently to minimize the impact of the security breach and prevent further damage.

Our Solutions

Beanstalk assumed the role of a trusted partner to confront Qualico’s challenges head-on. Their responsibilities included:

  • Rapid Response: Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Beanstalk swiftly responded to mitigate the impact of the security breach. They immediately initiated the process of recovering Qualico’s compromised digital assets.
  • Comprehensive Digital Security Plan: Beanstalk developed a detailed and proactive digital security plan tailored to Qualico’s specific needs. This plan not only focused on recovering the compromised assets but also included measures to prevent future breaches and enhance overall digital security.
  • Technical Expertise: Leveraging their proficiency in digital security and their status as a Facebook Marketing Partner, Beanstalk brought the necessary technical knowledge to effectively handle the crisis. They implemented multi-channel procedures to fortify Qualico’s digital assets and ensure long-term protection.
  • Collaborative Approach: Beanstalk worked closely with Qualico, establishing open lines of communication and involving them in the decision-making process. They provided regular updates, addressing any concerns or questions along the way.

The Impact

Amidst a critical digital security crisis, Qualico grappled with compromised social media assets, disrupting their online presence for almost two years. Beanstalk’s swift intervention restored control and reshaped the narrative, ensuring a seamless return to social media operations.

Here, we outline the precise impacts of this digital rescue mission, highlighting the regained control, operational continuity, staff empowerment, and the pivotal shift from vulnerability to restored efficiency.

Regained Control Over Social Media Assets
When it comes to digital security crises, time is of the essence. Beanstalk’s swift response enabled Qualico to regain control over its compromised social media assets, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and content manipulation. This resulted in a 100% recovery of control, safeguarding the integrity of Qualico’s brand on social platforms.

Enhanced Staff Training On Security Measures
Proper training regarding permission hierarchies, data access, and security measures are crucial for organizations to mitigate digital risks continually. Beanstalk provided Qualico’s staff with the necessary knowledge to recognize potential vulnerabilities and take corrective action.

Immediate Business Impact
After nearly two years of limited access to their social media accounts, Qualico was able to fully regain access in a time-sensitive period. This quick recovery had an immediate and positive impact on Qualico’s capacity to execute social media advertising campaigns, which in turn resulted in increased lead generation and sales.



Beanstalk’s quick and thorough response to Qualico’s digital crisis resolved the issue at hand and fortified its digital presence for the future. This case study exemplifies Beanstalk’s ability to handle complex digital problems and deliver proactive solutions.



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