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Executive Summary

In a market cluttered with indistinguishable promises, Skyhold Construction aspired to stand out. This case study unfolds the narrative of how Beanstalk navigated the complexities of digital marketing to elevate Skyhold Construction’s online presence and customer engagement. Through a meticulously crafted SEO campaign, precise targeting with social and Google ads, and a relentless focus on quality and transparency, the partnership propelled Skyhold’s digital footprint and laid the foundation for sustained growth and trust in the competitive construction landscape.

About The Client

Skyhold Construction specializes in basement development in Edmonton, Alberta. Established with a vision to become a prominent residential builder, Skyhold has been methodically mastering the housing market, one basement at a time. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality, punctuality, and fostering trust, servicing a clientele that values transparency and craftsmanship.

The Challenge

Despite its sterling reputation in basement renovations, Skyhold Construction grappled with amplifying its online presence and reaching a broader customer base. The primary hurdles included navigating the digital landscape to attract quality leads, ensuring a high conversion rate, and maintaining its commitment to excellence in an increasingly competitive market.

Our Solutions

Beanstalk developed an effective and comprehensive strategy to help Skyhold Construction overcome its digital challenges. The plan comprised several key components:

Website Redesign
Recognizing the importance of a website in converting customers, Beanstalk redesigned Skyhold Construction’s online presence. The new design focused on user experience (UX) with a streamlined and intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and enhances user engagement. It also reflected Skyhold’s brand values of quality and trust.

Precision in Advertising
Beanstalk deployed advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, targeting Skyhold’s ideal customer profile. These ads effectively conveyed Skyhold’s message to the right audience, resulting in better engagement and conversion rates.

SEO Mastery
To boost the visibility and authority of Skyhold’s website, Beanstalk executed a comprehensive SEO campaign that included optimizing keywords and refining content. This ensured that Skyhold’s website appeared at the top of search engine results.

Content With Intent
Beanstalk developed engaging and informative content to establish Skyhold as a thought leader in the niche. This involved creating compelling blog articles and optimizing existing web content to resonate with both search engines and potential clients.

Transparent Project Management
To ensure seamless execution and transparent communication, Beanstalk implemented a dedicated project management approach. This maintained clarity and consistency throughout the campaign’s duration, resulting in better project outcomes.

The Impact

The strategic overhaul of Skyhold Construction’s digital strategy, inclusive of the website redesign, yielded remarkable results:

Lead Generation
Saw an impressive increase in quality leads, a direct result of the refined user experience and targeted advertising campaigns.

Enhanced Online Visibility
Marked a substantial uptick in website visits, a testament to the improved SEO ranking and user-friendly design that kept visitors engaged and reduced bounce rates.

Conversion Success
Achieved impressive conversion rates, a clear indicator that the revamped website effectively resonated with visitors, compelling them to take action.



The success of Skyhold Construction in collaboration with Beanstalk is a clear indication of their effective strategic planning, excellent execution, and profound comprehension of the digital ecosystem. The results speak for themselves, showcasing the significance of a well-coordinated digital strategy. This has paved the way for Skyhold’s continued success and dominance in the construction industry.



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