Grow Your Business Online (Micro-Grant)

Empowering Canadian Businesses With The Government Funded CDAP Initiative

Grow your business online with this CDAP Micro-Grant and receive $2,400 in government funding to fuel your digital expansion and elevate your online presence.

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    Imagine The Possibilities

    The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a $4 Billion Dollar strategic federal initiative crafted to ensure your business thrives in a competitive global landscape while keeping Canadian enterprises at the forefront.

    The goal of the CDAP is to provide your business with a comprehensive strategy that drives growth in your company’s infrastructure, technology arsenal, marketing strategies, and overall business development endeavors. Moreover, the CDAP provides FREE grant funding which can be used to implement and execute the plan.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to unleash your business’s boundless potential – seize the benefits of CDAP today!

    Grow Your Business Online Today!

    Elevate your business’s online presence and unlock its full potential with the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). Harness this initiative to modernize your operations, enhance your digital marketing strategies, and create a more robust digital footprint that meets the dynamic needs of your industry and customers. This is your moment to not only keep pace but to outshine competitors and achieve substantial growth and success online. Don’t let this chance pass you by—transform and thrive in the digital era with CDAP.

    Why Join The Canada Digital Adoption Program

    Improve Customer Reach

    Enhance Operations

    Boost Sales 

    Streamline Transactions

    Meet Beanstalk! Growth Marketing

    Your Partner For Change

    Digital transformation is what we do best. From optimizing & applying for your CDAP application to providing personalized growth strategies, Beanstalk Growth Marketing will make sure you get the most out of your CDAP.

    Our Team Has Helped Unlock Over $5 Million Dollars Of Funding To Fuel Growth!

    How Beanstalk Growth Can Help

    Seamless Transition

    From strategic planning to grant application support, we ensure a smooth journey as you unlock funding opportunities, optimize digital strategies, and propel your business toward success.

    We’ll walk you through how our process works:
    • Eligibility Review: We’ll evaluate and determine if you qualify for the CDAP initiative and identify the best funding track for your business.
    • Application Assistance: We’ll do all the leg work for you. We’ll optimize your application, increasing the chances of its and maximizing funding.
    • Operational Requirements Assessment:  We’ll check and review your operations, technology, and strategy to identify areas for transformation and prioritize them effectively.
    • Research Business Solutions: We’ll explore and assess a range of solutions that align with your specific requirements, considering scalability, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with your business’s existing infrastructure.
    • Strategic Roadmap Development:  We’ll create a roadmap that outlines clear steps, milestones, and resource allocation to guide your digital transformation journey.
    • Vendor Selection & Implementation: We will collaborate with you to identify suitable vendors for the execution of your CDAP plan, and oversee the implementation process in partnership with them.

    Put Your Ideas Into Motion

    The CDAP initiative is just the beginning of your journey. With Beanstalk Growth, unlock your business’s full potential through our comprehensive marketing services.

    We’ve assisted hundreds of SMEs, providing expertise in a wide array of business areas to fuel your success.

    Turn your ideas into reality and drive your business forward in the digital landscape.

    Erin Rector
    Erin Rector
    Our company My Home Handyman, hired Beanstalk Partnership to work on getting our CDAP application together and Humberto and Brad were great and informative. They could answer all of our questions, walked us through the approval, and we are happy with the plan delivered. Thank you!
    Chelsea Turnbull
    Chelsea Turnbull
    I spoke with HB at Beanstalk Growth Marketing and he gave me excellent advice for marketing my business and the potential to access government grants to help me afford marketing within my budget as well! Highly recommend Beanstalk!
    Taha Itani
    Taha Itani
    The Beanstalk team has been great to work with. Not only have they helped grow our business but they have also dominated our Google advertisement. Humberto and Brad also recently helped us with the CDAP grant and got our application approved within a few weeks! There is not enough good things to say about these guys. They really do want the best for the businesses that they work with.
    Marcondes Franco
    Marcondes Franco
    We, at BetterMe Psychology, have been working with them for four months now and we're very satisfied with the results that we are getting. We are excited for our next steps working together.
    Alpine Vista Landscapes INC.
    Alpine Vista Landscapes INC.
    I worked with Humberto to get my CDAP application together and he was awesome to work with! He was easy to talk to and very prompt with his correspondence. I definitely trust him to do my online marketing and look forward to working with him more in the future.
    dustin goldie
    dustin goldie
    Humberto was very helpful. He took an hour of his time at no cost to discuss my business, share his expertise and point me in the right direction. What more can you ask for👍
    Ludlow Rodney
    Ludlow Rodney
    We found the staff of Beanstalk Growth Marketing to be very professional and knowledgeable and were able to deliver our project on time. They were also very good at keeping us update on the process and what we needed to do to move the process along! Thank you
    Gaurav Gupta
    Gaurav Gupta
    I have worked with Jeremie and Humberto for more than 3 years and its been an absolute pleasure! They are very attentive, professional and very thorough in their work. Highly recommended for website, ads and other IT needs! I am from Leela Eco Spa
    Hoan Luu
    Hoan Luu
    People at Beanstalk are very professional and truly want to help you! I got referred to them and upon figuring out we are not a good fit at the moment, they helped me by directing me to another source where I might be able to find help. I LOVE THAT! I can't count the number of times I was trying to find the solutions to my challenges without help. Just by referring me to my next best option save me a tons of time and effort looking for it. Thank you and I certainly hope we're able to do business together in the future.
    ashley Osmachenko
    ashley Osmachenko
    Jeremie and Humberto are very skilled in marketing and growing your online presence. I've also been super impressed with the quick communication, which is extremely helpful - 5 STARS!!!

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      See if your business qualifies by answering the 4 questions below!

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