Project Description


C4 Maintenance is a building maintenance provider out of Vancouver, Canada. Their main offerings include Building Maintenance, Commercial Cleaning services, and Junk Removal services.

The Challenge

C4 had a common issue that most businesses have. They had a very outdated website with absolutely no lead generation strategies to help them get noticed online. They wanted to expand their reach and target some of the big commercial companies that were also being targeted by their competitors.

The Solution

The Beanstalk! team conducted an extensive audit to understand the client’s true necessities and what they were trying to achieve with their messaging and branding. Remaining true to their brand guidelines, the Beanstalk! team was able to work and craft a thorough, simple, and effective website. In the process, Beanstalk! also helped expand their exposure through social media efforts. Being thrilled with the results, Beanstalk! was hired to take on their sister company C4 Maid services! A look into the future, and many months later, Beanstalk! now runs their entire advertising & marketing campaigns.

Website & App Design

  • Integrated Lead Capture Forms
  • On-Site Instagram Integrated Gallery
  • On-Site Blog

  • On-Site Integrated Live Customer Chat
  • Integrated Careers Page
  • Clients Portfolio
  • Integrated Promotions & Coupons
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Friendly

Advertising, Lead & Sales Generation

90 Day Stats

Google Ads

  • 96.34% Increase in Conversions
  • 12.65% Conversion Rate (231.15% Increase)
  • 51.63% Decrease in the Cost Per Conversion
  • 9.55% Increase in Ad Impressions
  • Average CPC $2.95 (CAD)


“When we contracted Beanstock Growth to help us with our websites and online advertising, our marketing at the time was pretty much in flux between dated information and a desire for better. Over the course of a few months Beanstock took us from zero to sixty and totally improved our web presence. Additionally, their diligence and detail in creating and administering google ads kept new leads flowing through to our phones and emails. We would definitely recommend Beanstock to others who want to gain traction online and stay in front of potential customers.”

Darron Hastick, Co-Owner