Project Description


D&M Treatments is a local beauty and wellness salon in Calgary. Its mission is to provide quality services at reasonable prices while focusing on customer experience. Specializing in an array of beauty treatments, massages, and acupuncture services, D&M brings together a team of trained and qualified practitioners to improve your quality of life.

The Challenge

Trying to figure out if D&M was a beauty service provider or a massage therapy service provider was a challenge in itself. After a few initial consultation meetings, it was clear that D&M needed to partner with someone who could give them a helping hand. They were very honest and let the team at Beanstalk! know that they were going to choose between them and a larger agency from Toronto to assist with their website design & development. Find out what happened next…

The Solution

Beanstalk! Growth values relationships and it was clear that D&M wanted to partner with an agency that could offer them guidance, support, and constant communication. This was mentioned several times throughout our consultation meetings. Taking these notes into consideration, Beanstalk! developed a plan that would allow D&M to understand exactly what Beanstalk! was doing during the entire build and design phase of their new website. The constant communication and full transparency with the team at D&M lead Beanstalk! to further develop the relationship by taking over their Paid Marketing strategies and their SEO development services.

Website & App Design

  • Integrated Lead Capture Forms
  • On-Site Instagram Integrated Gallery
  • On-Site Blog

  • On-Site Integrated Live Customer Chat
  • On-Site Integrated Dynamic Google Reviews

  • Third-Party Integrated Bookings Platform
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Friendly


Search Engine Optimization

Full Advanced SEO

Authortity Score

  • At project start: Athority Score 9
  • 6 Months later: Athority Score 34


  • At project start: 59 total keywords ranked, with only 2 ranked in the top 10 positions on Google
  • 6 Months Later: 176 total keywords ranked, with 13 ranked in the top 10 positions on Google

Average Keyword Ranking Gains

  • Over the intial 6 months of project work, the average ranking across all keywords increased by 19.08 positions


  • At project start: 0 backlinks
  • 6 Months later: 288 backlinks


6 Months after project start

  • 61 FAQs
  • 25 Featured Snippets
  • 95 Local Pack
  • 35 Knowledge Planner

Organic Traffic

90 Days Stats

  • 37% Growth in Organic Sessions
  • 17% Growth in Average Session Duration
  • 3% Growth in Page Views

Advertising, Lead & Sales Generation

90 Days Stats

Google Ads

  • 266.62% Increase in Conversions
  • 16.89% Conversion Rate (187.06% Increase)
  • 93.73% Decrease in the Cost Per Conversion
  • 19.73% Increase in Ad Impressions
  • 38.85% Increase in Clicks
  • $26.11 (CAD) Average Cost Per Conversion

Media Production

D&M Treatments


“Testimonial Coming Soon”

Maria Kolisnichenko, Co-Owner