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EcoZero is a company that finds, recycles, and re-uses an incredible potential resource: used cooking oil. The company was founded in Vancouver, BC because of the high volume of discarded cooking oil being wasted in the area. EcoZero’s mission is to create an accessible solution for recycling this resource so it can be used again to produce biodiesel in BC.

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The Challenge

EcoZero came to us with a great product and a strong message, but they were struggling to find their place in the market. They had a website that didn’t represent their brand well, wasn’t generating leads, and wasn’t helping them reach their target market. They were looking for a new website design and strategy that would better position them as a biodiesel leader in BC and educate their audience.

The Solution

Our team was thrilled to help EcoZero develop a new website design and strategy that would better showcase their brand and all that they have to offer by providing educational and informative content and also thoroughly explaining their process so that potential partnerships can understand their business objectives. We are excited to see how they continue to grow and make a positive impact in the biodiesel industry!

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