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eGear Solutions is your premiere destination for Canadian sourced and manufactured e-bikes, e-scooters and accessories.

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The Challenge

eGear Solutions came highly referred by one of our marketing partners. Already having invested in building an ecommerce website, they were in dire need of traffic to increase their transactional sales. Being a national company and delivering across Canada, they needed to present their message to multiple different markets and niche categories.

The Solution

With their website already completed, but no reporting or analytics to prove ROI, Beanstalk! was able to create a marketing planner which clearly indicated a few key strategies that eGears Solutions could use for their paid marketing campaigns. Having no exposure, within the first month of joining the Beanstalk! team, they were able to discern which campaigns were the most effective, allowing them to distribute their ad spend accordingly. An increase of intent-based traffic to the website from different marketing channels lead to more transactional sales as Beanstalk! was able to reach the correct audience with the correct message.

Portfolio Category

Advertising, Lead & Sales Generation

Google Ads

30 Days Stats

  • 14.2% Increase in Conversions
  • 8.38% Conversion Rate (2.03% Increase)
  • 22.7% Decrease in the Cost Per Conversion
  • 1.6% Increase in Ad Impressions
  • 13.1% Increase in Clicks
  • Average CPC $0.60(CAD)
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Kelly / Kassandra Gingras, Co-Owner