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Hansen Land Brokers is a boutique land brokerage firm located just twenty minutes south of Calgary, Alberta.
With almost thirty years of specializing in buying and selling agricultural, development, and investment properties in the area, Hansen Land Brokers has brokered over 1/2 a Billion Dollars in land sales. They have the experience, professional knowledge, and up-to-date marketing to provide you with the guidance you need when preparing to either sell or buy all types of land.

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The Challenge

Hansen Land had a real problem… after 6 years+ of achieving some of the highest-ranking SEO results in their industry, their team made the grave decision of having their website re-made internally, and unknowingly lost almost 100% of their high ranking domain authority and keywords over-night. Not realizing the mistake until it was too late, Hansen Land approached Beanstalk! Growth Marketing to help rectify the problem.

The Solution

After careful analysis, the Beanstalk! team put together a 3-phased plan which was then used to re-create a strong & high-performing digital foundation, re-establish their high-ranking SEO, and create new branding & marketing campaigns that would supplement their website traffic & project leads in the meantime while they waited for their organic traffic to increase. The results? Let’s just say that in one recent meeting, the owner of Hansen Land himself said he was happy they made the mistake they made because that mistake led them to us, which in turn is now elevating their results to levels higher than where they were before. See for yourself below.

Portfolio Category

Website & App Design

  • Integrated Lead Capture Forms
  • On-Site Instagram Integrated Gallery
  • On-Site Blog

  • On-Site Integrated Live Customer Chat
  • Integrated Project Listings Portfolio
  • Third-Party Auction Integration
  • On-Page Integrated Questions & Answers (FAQs)
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Friendly



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Search Engine Optimization

Full Advanced SEO

Authortity Score

  • At project start: Athority Score 3
  • 16 Months later: Athority Score 33


  • At project start: 66 total keywords ranked, with only 7 ranked in the top 10 positions on Google
  • 16 Months Later: 459 total keywords ranked, with 41 ranked in the top 10 positions on Google

Average Keyword Ranking Gains

  • Over the first 16 months of project work, the average ranking across all keywords increased by 51 positions


  • At project start: 152 backlinks
  • 16 Months later: 1,022 backlinks


16 Months after project start

  • 337 FAQs
  • 58 Featured Snippets
  • 68 Local Pack
  • 317 Knowledge Planner

Organic Traffic

First 90 Days Stats

  • 57% Growth in Organic Sessions
  • 15% Growth in Average Session Duration
  • 9% Growth in Page Views

Branding, PR, & Communications

Apex Awards

Hansen Land Brokers Inc. Recognized as 2020 RLI APEX Top 20 National Producer

(High River, March 23, 2021)

Shawn Hansen of Hansen Land Brokers Inc. in High River, Alberta, has been named to the Realtors® Land Institute’s APEX 2020 Top 20 National Producer as part of the RLI APEX Production Awards Program. Shawn was one of a few participants honored at RLI’s 2021 Virtual National Land Conference’s special awards ceremony on Wednesday, March 17, during the RLI’s 2021 Virtual National Land Conference. The Realtors® Land Institute’s CEO Aubrie Kobernus and the co-founder of The Land Report, Eric O’Keefe announced the winners at the annual program event. In addition to the award, Shwan Hansen was also recognized as part of the RLI APEX 2020 Top Producers Club.

“We were very pleased to be recognized internationally, and feel honored to be a part of such a prestigious group of land professionals,” said Shawn Hansen upon receiving the award.

The highly prestigious RLI APEX Awards Program, which is sponsored by The Land Report, aims to recognize the excellence and the performance of RLI members internationally and award them with land real estate production awards for the accomplishments and contributions they have made in selling high end land based assets. To be considered for the reward program, each applicant needs to be an active member of RLI and have a minimum of $4 million dollars of qualifying dollar volume in closed land sales in 2020.

“We are proud of Shawn Hansen and all of our members that were recognized as part of our award programs for their accomplishments in 2020. They truly are the cream of the crop when it comes to land real estate professionals, ” Kobernus said about the winners.

About The APEX Awards Program

The APEX Awards Program is in its fourth year in operation and it has much to celebrate. It currently takes pride in the 140 members that have a cumulative total of $3.5 billion dollars in qualifying transaction volume. The winners in the 2020 APEX Top 20 Award category were ranked among the leading participants based on the qualifying production volume of $49 million. Professionals in the land and real estate industry are encouraged to join RLI and apply to participate in the APEX Awards Program. Learn more about the APEX Awards Program at

About Hansen Land Brokers

Shawn Hansen leads the specialized team at Hansen Land Brokers Inc, an esteemed land brokerage firm that is devoted to the sale and purchasing of agricultural, development, and investment land in Alberta. Hansen Land Brokers has the marketing expertise and in-depth land knowledge based on decades of experience to offer professional and exceptional guidance in the sale or purchase of all types of land. 

Winning this highly coveted award is no small feat, and it is a testament to the firm’s expertise, success, and ingenuity. Hansen Land Brokers is inspired to do more and will honor this award by remaining committed to their vision and driving force, which is to empower lives by offering professional, trustworthy, and reliable land brokerage services.

To learn more about Hansen Land Brokers, visit 

“Helping Ranchers & Farmers Buy and Sell Land-based Assets for Almost 30 Years.”

Advertising, Lead & Sales Generation

90 Day Stats

Google Ads

  • 694.34% Increase in Conversions
  • 10.44% Conversion Rate 
  • 88.11% Decrease in the Cost Per Conversion
  • 47.13% Increase in Clicks
  • Average CPC $0.40 (CAD)

Social Ads (FB / IG)

  • 9.70% Increase in Impressions
  • 15.6% Increase in Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Average CPC $0.17 (CAD)

Media Production

Hansen Land

Hansen Land

Hansen Land

Hansen Land

Hansen Land


“We have had the pleasure of dealing with Beanstalk Growth Marketing for the past year and a half. When we first hired them we had just experienced a catastrophic SEO malfunction where we lost 20 years of SEO positioning. Not only have they restored our position far in excess of where we were to begin with, but they have also constructed an overall comprehensive marketing strategy that has increased our reach continually in excess of a million impressions per project.”

Shawn Hansen, Owner