Project Description

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The Client

Hansen Land Brokers is a boutique land brokerage firm located just twenty minutes south of Calgary, Alberta.

With almost thirty years of specializing in land for sale and the purchasing of agricultural, development, and investment land, along with over 1/2 a Billion Dollars of Gross Transactional Sales in Alberta, Hansen Land Brokers has the experience, the professional knowledge, and up-to-date marketing to provide you with the right guidance when preparing to either sell or buy all types of land.

The Challenge

Hansen Land had a real problem… after 6 years+ of achieving some of the highest-ranking SEO results in their industry, their team made the grave decision of having their website re-made internally, and unknowingly lost almost 100% of their high ranking domain authority and keywords over-night. Not realizing the mistake until it was too late, Hansen Land approached Beanstalk Growth Marketing to help rectify the problem.

The Solution

After careful analysis, the Beanstalk team put together a 3-phased plan which would then be used to re-create a strong & high-performing digital foundation, re-establish their high-ranking SEO, and create new branding & marketing campaigns which would supplement their website traffic & project leads in the meantime while they waited for their organic traffic to increase. The results..? Let’s just say that in one recent meeting, the owner of Hansen Land himself said he was happy they made the mistake they made because that mistake led them to us, which in turn is now elevating their results to levels higher than where they were before. See for yourself below.

Digital Ad’s & Marketing

First 3-Months Results…

Month 1

  • Budget: $3,550
  • Website Traffic: 8,398
  • Average CPC: $0.42

Month 2

  • Budget: $2700
  • Website Traffic: 4,034
  • Average CPC: $0.67

Month 3

  • Budget: $2700
  • Website Traffic: 4,427
  • Average CPC: $0.60

Advanced SEO

Pre-Project Stats:

Starting Point

0Authority Score
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 263
  • Total Keywords: 93
  • Keywords in Top 3: 3
  • Keywords in Top 10: 6

First 3-Months Results…

Month 1

08Authority Score
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 583
  • Total Keywords: 198
  • Keywords in Top 3: 13
  • Keywords in Top 10: 23

Month 2

16Authority Score
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 650
  • Total Keywords: 251
  • Keywords in Top 3: 19
  • Keywords in Top 10: 24

Month 3

31Authority Score
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 825
  • Total Keywords: 340
  • Keywords in Top 3: 20
  • Keywords in Top 10: 28

Website Design & Development


“Testimonial Coming Soon!”

Shawn Hansen - Owner/Broker, Hansen Land Co

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