Project Description


League YYC is a multidiscipline fitness studio in Calgary, offering high-intensity interval training (HIIT), spin, and yoga classes. The goal at League YYC is to make fitness accessible for everyone and create a welcoming and inclusive community that is supportive of all fitness levels – from beginner to expert. With a variety of class times and an accessible location on 17th Ave SW, League YYC is the perfect place to get fit, have fun, and make new friends.

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The Challenge

As a relatively new studio in Calgary, League YYC is always looking for ways to engage and connect with the community so they can increase their reach and make a bigger impact. They already have a pretty solid branding strategy in place, but they needed a way to increase their membership and get people in the door.

The Solution

If there’s a lifestyle choice that the team at Beanstalk! can get behind on, it’s fitness. So, when League YYC reached out for help, we were more than happy to jump on board! We started by developing a membership drive campaign that would help League YYC connect with new members and increase their reach in the community. We’ve also helped them launch multiple high-performing advertising campaigns across various platforms that are consistently delivering high amounts of quality leads each month.

Portfolio Category

Advertising, Marketing, & Lead Generation

Social Ads (FB / IG)

90 Days Stats

  • 1.35% Click Through Rate (14.45% Increase)
  • Average CPC $0.61 (CAD) (20.04% Decrease)
  • 244.50% Increase in Clicks
  • 200.995 Increase in Impressions


 “Testimonial Coming Soon”

Luke Leimenstoll, Co-Owner