Project Description


Platinum Electrical Services (PES) is a leading electrical and mechanical services company located in Calgary. With their team of highly trained electricians, they offer expert work on every kind of electrical and mechanical project that comes their way. From repairing lights to installing new wiring systems, they take pride in having the necessary skills to complete any job with speed and precision.

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The Challenge

Platinum Electrical Services (PES) had the goal of becoming one of the top electrical companies in Calgary out of the hundreds of electrical contractors in the city. PES had a website that they loved, but it was not converting, not properly designed to take the user through that experience, and had multiple different UI errors. It was mentioned on MANY occasions that PES did not want to stray too far away from their original design & concept, but they needed to do something to increase their conversions and obtain dominant positioning on search engine results for electrical-related searches.

The Solution

Beanstalk! presented PES with a tiered 3 phase approach. The first phase involved a takeover of their website with a strong focus on delivering intent-based customers to their new website, increasing conversions, and generating high ROI service calls. Beanstalk!s team took note of the client’s comments and was able to design a website that not only mirrored their current website but also presented their information in a much more educational manner while navigating the customer through the appropriate purchase funnel. Once Beanstalk! was able to close out the website project, the team began working on Phase 2 and 3 of the marketing plan, which involved the development of their SEO services as well as Paid Marketing strategies through multiple platforms. Fast forward to today, and you can find PES among the top search results for over 30 different high-volume keywords related to electrical services.

Portfolio Category

Website & App Design

  • Integrated Lead Capture Forms
  • On-Site Instagram Integrated Gallery
  • On-Site Integrated Blog
  • On-Site Integrated Questions & Answers (FAQs)
  • On-Site Integrated Live Customer Chat
  • On-Site Integrated Dynamic Google Reviews
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Friendly




Search Engine Optimization

Full Advanced SEO

Authortity Score

  • At project start: Athority Score 4
  • 12 Months later: Athority Score 33


  • At project start: 9 total keywords ranked, with only 1 ranked in the top 10 positions on Google
  • 12 Months Later: 129 total keywords ranked, with 12 ranked in the top 10 positions on Google

Average Keyword Ranking Gains

  • Over the intial 12 months of project work, the average ranking across all keywords increased by 52.66 positions


  • At project start: 0 backlinks
  • 12 Months later: 318 backlinks


12 Months after project start

  • 66 FAQs
  • 52 Featured Snippets
  • 33 Local Pack
  • 23 Knowledge Planner

Organic Traffic

First 90 Days Stats

  • 53.32% Growth in Organic Sessions
  • 67.31% Growth in Average Session Duration
  • 53.40% Growth in Page Views

Advertising, Lead & Sales Generation

Google Ads

90 Days Stats

  • 94.12% Increase in Conversions
  • 14.75% Conversion Rate (4.39% Increase)
  • 94.38% Increase in Ad Impressions
  • 85.87% Increase in Clicks
  • Average CPC $9.07 (CAD)


“Great group of dedicated individuals provided top quality customer care for my seo needs. Humberto and Jeremie at beanstalk go above and beyond to meet my needs.”

Peter Handsor, Owner