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Qualico is one of the largest privately owned real estate companies in Western Canada operating since 1951. Not only invovled in real estate, Qualico is also a custom community builder with over 10 business units across different regions and provinces. The success of qualico can be closely related to their long term expertise, financial partnershuips, and strong diversified business verticals.

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The Challenge

Plain and simple, the Qualico Facebook/Instagram business pages were hacked and everything along with it including their different business units were drastically affected. The fact that the business units were not correctly set up and identified from the get go made it easy for the hackers to change all sorts of business information. Not to mention the hackers had their own agenda and started advertising their own products on different businesses pages which caused confusion and brand distrust.

The Solution

Beanstalk was approached by Qualico as a referral. Immediately Qualico advised the Beanstalk team that they were already working with another agency who failed to produce the qualified results and plan of action as they had anticipated. Beanstalk immediately highlighted notes from the initial conversation and within 2 weeks delievered a step by step plan that involved the creation and new setup of all of the business ad units as well as the master Qualico account with proper multi-channel setup procedues so this could never happen again in the future. Instead of focusing on regaining access to the lost pages, the Beanstalk team knew it had to be proactive and set everything back up properly. Being a Facebook Marketing partner, Beanstalk was also able to open up the conversation and assist in trying to regain the lost business unit pages.


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Greg Markey, Manager, Marketing Support Services