A Simple Guide for SEO Keywords


Do SEO Keywords Need to be Exact in Content?

As you explore digital marketing and the use of SEO for your business or personal brand, you will come to know that keywords are essentially the backbone of SEO, and you must be keen to use keywords the right way.

A lot of people often wonder if SEO keywords need to be exact in content. They definitely can be if it is possible, but you will come to realize that it can be challenging to incorporate keywords precisely as they appear in your content all the time. So what are some techniques you could use to ensure you rank high on search results to increase your brand’s awareness, improve your brand perception, and reach more people so you can generate more traffic, leads, and sales? Beanstalk Growth Marketing is here to help you out. Read on.

Two Words: Stop Words.

Stop Words are essentially words used to create complete sentences. They are the bits of sentences incorporated to enable a word to make sense to the reader. Words like “in,” “the,” “of,” and “by” are stop words. 

Let’s say you have a statement like “website development” as a keyword. If you want it to show up in search engines, you have to be creative and innovative in exactly how you use “website development” to ensure that it does not stand out as an oddly placed sentence and makes sense to the reader. For instance, you can have a statement like “Beanstalk Growth Marketing, a digital marketing company based in Canada, can enhance your website development with tailor-made marketing solutions for your business growth.” [We really do, though]. 

Stop words are essential in content creation as they help provide search engines with context. It helps Google better understand what a user is trying to find rather than what has just been typed in. In other words, it tries to gauge intent and context rather than simply considering what has been typed. 

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Readability and Content Quality 

We know you’re looking to rank high on searches, but please write for your target audience rather than for a search engine. If you stuff your content with keywords and do not put out content that is helpful to your readers, you could get penalized by Google. Think about it this way; it might be a long game, but will you not want to be considered reliable when it comes to the content you put out for your readers?


Variety is also another way you could get keywords to work in your favor. You could consider changing the order of the words or using a slight variant of the keyword (marketing and marketers when the keyword relates to markets) or even synonyms. Because search engines are increasingly learning to use context and intent for searches, this could come in handy is a very important part of keyword placement.

So essentially, don’t use keywords awkwardly. Focus on quality content, and use variations where you can. If you’re in Canada, or anywhere in teh world, and unsure how you could effectively use keywords, don’t hesitate to reach out to Beanstalk Growth Marketing

Contact us now to make the most of SEO for your business growth.  


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