Branding & Identity
Jenine E.

Beanstalk Clinches Best Innovative Design At The Prestigious Netty Awards

Calgary, AB, 15 April 2024 – Beanstalk, a distinguished agency renowned for its exceptional service portfolio, has been honored with the esteemed Netty Award in the Innovative Design category. This recognition underscores Beanstalk’s commitment to excellence in the digital sphere. About The Netty Awards The Netty Awards are esteemed recognitions within the digital landscape, celebrating the remarkable achievements of companies,

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A hand holding a phone with the Gmail icon on the screen.
Content Creation / Media Production
Jenine E.

Sending Emails Daily? All You Need To Know About Gmail’s New Bulk Sender Guidelines For 2024

The spam folder—a dreaded place for many email marketers. It’s where all your carefully crafted emails end up, unnoticed and unread. As an entrepreneur running your own business and creating connections with your clients and customers via email, this can be a real nightmare. And here’s the rub: even if you’re not sending spam emails, your emails can still end

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A screen showing the text, "HTTP COOKIES," inserted in a stream of binary numbers.
Jenine E.

Google Chrome Says, “No More Third-Party Cookie Crumbs!” Can Businesses Still Rise Without It?

You’ve heard the news. Netizens will soon be able to block cookies on Google Chrome, and companies are scrambling to understand the impact. This change raises significant questions for small and medium enterprises hoping to start online marketing. Will your future marketing efforts still succeed without those cookie crumbs? Can your business rise to meet this challenge? The stakes are high, but innovative

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graphic on what is a KPI and its purpose.|A bar and a line graph showing different data.|A photo of a person using an interactive dashboard|Workers discussing over business data.|A professional presenting data or KPIs.|Key stakeholders tracking business growth through important data.
Business Development (Tips & Tricks)
Jenine E.

It’s All a Numbers Game: How KPIs Help Small And Medium Businesses Grow

The most successful business owners don’t stay in the game by accident or chance.   There’s no secret recipe for their success, but one thing’s for sure: they don’t make arbitrary decisions.  Companies, no matter how niched or diverse, often rely on key performance indicators (KPIs) for marketing or overall business efforts. KPIs are essential metrics for driving growth, especially for

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Calgary, AB, 15 April 2024 – Beanstalk, a distinguished agency renowned for its exceptional service portfolio, has been honored with..

In case you missed it, social media is not about pushing your services or products, it’s about amplifying the voices..

“Just Do It” “I’m Lovin’ It” “The Happiest Place on Earth” You’ve probably heard these slogans before and can easily..

Calgary, AB, 13 January 2023 – Beanstalk’s innovative approach to entrepreneurial growth lights up the pages of UnEarthed magazine this..

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