Beanstalk at Graphika Manila 2023: Learning the Latest & Greatest in Graphic Design and Visual Communication


Manila, Philippines – On Feb. 11-12, 2023, Beanstalk Growth attended Graphika Manila, one of the leading conferences on graphic design and visual communication in Southeast Asia. Representing the company, Beanstalk’s Creative Manager and Graphic Designer joined the event alongside some of the most innovative and creative minds from all over the world.

The 2-day convention was jam-packed with workshops and panels, where attendees learned about the latest trends and techniques in graphic design and the visual arts and how these can be applied to various fields, such as advertising, branding, and marketing.

The Power of Design in Telling Stories

One of the highlights of the event was an inspiring keynote speech from Burton Rast, a renowned graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer who is currently a UX Design Lead at Google. He talked extensively about the role design plays in telling stories.

According to @misterburton, “Design is about solving unmet human needs.”

He said that human suffering is one of those unmet needs. “In order to transform our pain, we must acknowledge that all people suffer. By understanding that suffering is the universal, unifying force, we can see people more compassionately, and this goes some way toward helping us forgive the world and ourselves.”

Rast’s work is widely recognized for communicating complex ideas through simple and impactful visuals. “It was an eye-opening experience to hear him share his thoughts and insights on the field,” Beanstalk’s Creative Manager said.

Other speakers were Canadian Jason Kirby’s team from Super Bonfire, UK’s Thiago Maia from Cookie Studio Animation & Motion Design, US-based Filipino Creative Matthew Encina, Japan’s AR Artist Mitsuko Ono, and Beeple’s NFT Digital Artist Mike Winkelmann. There were also other globally recognized Filipino Creative Designers such as Dan Fajardo, Manix Abrera, Jo Malinis, and a lot more!.

Getting Visual Inspiration and Ideas For Growth

The conference provided a space for designers and creatives to network, collaborate, and get new perspectives, ideas, and inspiration for their work.

“Overall, Graphika Manila 2023 was a truly enlightening and enriching experience. It was not only game-changing but also life-changing to attend and be a part of this vibrant community of graphic designers and visual communicators,” Beanstalk’s Creative Manager said.

Beanstalk Growth is a creative agency based in Canada led by innovators Jeremie Durand and Humberto Bejerano. The agency helps businesses in North America grow and strengthen their brands through creative design and strategy.


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