Beanstalk Clinches Coveted Canadian Choice Award For Calgary’s Best Marketing Agency


Calgary, AB, 12 February 2024—Beanstalk Growth Marketing has been crowned Calgary’s Best Marketing Agency at the Canadian Choice Awards 2024. This recognition celebrates Beanstalk’s unwavering commitment to pioneering growth strategies and marks a significant milestone in Calgary’s businesses’ journey toward global competitiveness.

The Canadian Choice Awards, known for its rigorous standards and comprehensive evaluation process, identifies and honours businesses that stand out for their exceptional contributions to their communities and industries. With its diverse services, from SEO to social media marketing and beyond, Beanstalk has met these standards and set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation in Calgary’s business and marketing industry.

The Journey to Victory

The path to this prestigious accolade involved a meticulous nomination and selection process, where Beanstalk’s innovative approaches and successful client outcomes shone brightly against the backdrop of Canada’s competitive business environment. This award is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence and the continuous innovation that defines Beanstalk’s ethos.

Humberto Bejarano, President of Beanstalk Growth Marketing, expressed the sentiment of this achievement: “Winning the Canadian Choice Award is a monumental testament to our team’s passion, hard work, and the impactful strategies we’ve developed. This award is not just a badge of honor; it’s a call to action for us to continue pushing boundaries and driving business growth across North America.”

A Story of Excellence and Impact

This triumph represents more than just an award. It tells the story of how strategic marketing can drive businesses to greater heights, generating growth, visibility, and success in an ever-changing marketing world. It highlights Beanstalk’s position as a driving force for change and innovation, cementing its reputation as a leader in the marketing industry.

Looking Forward

As Beanstalk Growth Marketing revels in this achievement, the agency remains committed to its mission of driving business growth through innovative and results-driven marketing strategies. This award not only solidifies Beanstalk’s leadership position but also reinforces its commitment to contributing to the success of businesses in Calgary.


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