Beanstalk Co-Founder, Jeremie Durand, Recognized Among The 10 Most Admired Business Leaders of 2023


Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 24 August 2023—In a significant nod to his innovative leadership and strategic prowess, Jeremie Durand, the visionary Co-Founder and CEO of Beanstalk Growth Marketing, has been celebrated as one of “The 10 Most Admired Business Leaders to Follow in 2023” by the esteemed Chief Navigators Magazine

This accolade underscores Durand’s exceptional contribution to the marketing industry and his remarkable journey from a diversified career to the helm of a leading digital marketing agency.

Durand’s trajectory is a testament to his adaptive expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, from navigating project management in the oil and gas sectors to pioneering growth marketing strategies.

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His initiation of Beanstalk during the challenging times of COVID-19 exemplifies his foresight and ability to seize transformative opportunities in the marketing & advertising realm. The full story of his journey and insights into Beanstalk’s client-centric approach can be found in his exclusive interview with Chief Navigators Magazine.

Under Durand’s guidance, Beanstalk has been distinguished for its holistic and experiential marketing solutions that foster deep customer connections and deliver robust returns on investment. His leadership philosophy, centered around transparency, collaboration, and integrity, has cultivated a culture of innovation and trust within the agency and with its partners.

Jeremie Durand’s vision for Beanstalk extends beyond current successes, aiming to redefine the marketing landscape continuously. His commitment to excellence, alongside a balanced approach to work-life harmony, inspires current and future business leaders.

Durand’s recognition by Chief Navigators Magazine not only celebrates his individual achievements but also highlights Beanstalk’s influential role in advancing the marketing industry. 


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