Beanstalk Soars To New Heights With Clutch Award For Digital Strategy


CALGARY, Alberta, 25 June 2024 – Beanstalk! Growth Marketing & PR, an Alberta-based leader in full-service marketing and PR, is thrilled to announce its recognition as the top digital strategy company in Alberta by Clutch, the premier B2B ratings and reviews platform. This accolade underscores Beanstalk’s relentless commitment to pioneering effective and innovative digital solutions that drive hyper-growth for businesses of all sizes.

Clutch: A Trusted Source For B2B Service Providers

Clutch is renowned for spotlighting elite B2B service providers through meticulous client interviews and comprehensive data analysis. By evaluating market presence, service quality, and client feedback, Clutch’s recognition of Beanstalk highlights our strategic, data-driven approach and our unwavering focus on client satisfaction.

Excelling In Digital Strategy

At Beanstalk Growth Marketing & PR, we excel in crafting and executing comprehensive digital strategies that elevate business growth. Our agile team of experts leads the industry in:

  • Website design and development: Creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites that effectively communicate brand messages and convert visitors into customers.
  • Multi-channel advertising: Utilizing various advertising platforms to reach target audiences and maximize brand exposure.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Implementing cutting-edge SEO strategies to boost organic search rankings and attract quality traffic.
  • Social media management: Creating dynamic social media campaigns that build brand awareness and foster community connections.

A Client-Centric Approach

Understanding our clients’ unique needs is at the core of Beanstalk’s philosophy. We invest time to delve deep into their challenges and goals, ensuring our bespoke digital strategies deliver tangible, measurable results.

“We are honored to be recognized as a top digital strategy company in Alberta by Clutch,” said Humberto Bejano, Co-Founder of Beanstalk. “This award is a testament to our team’s dedication to providing exceptional service and delivering innovative digital solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives.”

About Beanstalk Growth Marketing & PR

Beanstalk is an award-winning, multi-faceted agency dedicated to driving business growth across North America. Our expertise spans from innovative advertising to cutting-edge web design, strategic social media, engaging media development, customized PR, and effective SEO, all designed to uniquely enhance each business we partner with.

Alongside our extensive service portfolio, we provide access to grants and funding opportunities, ensuring that financial obstacles do not obstruct your path to growth.

By integrating a strategy-driven, data-centric approach, Beanstalk continues to set industry standards and redefine what’s possible in digital marketing.


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