ChatGPT For Local SEO & Marketing: Prompts, Tips & Templates


ChatGPT is now one of the hottest marketing tools. Does this mean marketers have to learn programming too?

With the ability to analyze millions of search queries, generate keyword ideas, and suggest a comprehensive SEO strategy within seconds, ChatGPT has undoubtedly changed the landscape of digital marketing.

Consider this: 

Based on a survey by Statista, it turns out that over 50% of companies have hopped on the chatbot bandwagon in one way or another.

You may even be one of the many marketers who already use ChatGPT to help you with your SEO efforts. That’s greatit means you’re already ahead of the curve. But are you really making the most of ChatGPT’s potential when it comes to local SEO? More importantly, are you feeding this AI-powered tool with the right prompts so you can truly maximize its potential? 

In this article, you’ll discover how to leverage ChatGPT to strengthen your marketing strategy, boost sales, and gain a competitive edge. The tips and examples will have you using ChatGPT like a pro in no time.

And for those looking to go deeper, we’ve included resources for additional learning. If you’re ready to take your small business marketing to the next level with AI, keep reading to find out:

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ChatGPT helps marketers be more productive with their time in so many ways.

ChatGPT is not just another flashy marketing tool. It’s a versatile sidekick that can supercharge your strategies.

 Let us look at how this AI powerhouse can do wonders for marketers:

Increased Productivity

ChatGPT is your content-cooking assistant, whipping up ideas and materials at lightning speed. This frees up valuable time and resources so that you can turn your attention to other marketing moves.

Improved Personalization

Personalization gets a modern makeover with ChatGPT. Imagine campaigns planned around individual preferences. It’s like delivering a personalized pitch to every potential customer.

Enhanced Creativity

Stuck in a creative rut? ChatGPT has your back. It can spin out fresh campaign concepts that set you apart and grab your audience’s attention.

Efficient Marketing Data Analysis

ChatGPT dives into your customer info with its data-sifting features, letting you spot trends and patterns. The result? A marketing strategy that’s more informed, efficient, and audience-tailored than ever before.

From boosting engagement and scaling support to refining local SEO tactics and sparking creativity, ChatGPT can do all this and more. But, as with any tool, how you use it makes the real difference. This brings us to prompt engineering, a topic we’ll delve into next.

What Is Prompt Engineering?

Writing the right prompts lets you come up with incredible marketing ideas.

Prompt engineering means thoughtfully crafting the instructions you give to AI tools like ChatGPT to get the best possible results. Suppose you’re a small business owner or a marketer using ChatGPT. In that case, nailing prompt engineering is crucial for fine-tuning the tool’s abilities and making its responses work perfectly for your marketing needs.

Here are some examples of how marketers use prompt engineering with ChatGPT:

Creating Personalized Marketing Messages 

With some prompt engineering magic, marketers can write marketing messages that suit every customer’s tastes and requirements. For example, a savvy marketer throws in a prompt like:

>>Compose an enticing marketing email tailored for a brand-new dress perfectly designed for fashion-savvy women in their 20s. Delve into the urban chic scene, adding a dash of metropolitan flair that resonates with the pulse of city life. 

>>Highlight the dress’s vibrant colours and elegant lines, making it an irresistible pick for those who adore the latest fashion trends.*

What happens next? ChatGPT weaves its language prowess and conjures an email that perfectly resonates with that crowd, using words and visuals right up their alley.

Generating Product Descriptions And Marketing Copy 

Prompt engineering can jazz up product descriptions and jargon, making them irresistibly compelling. Here’s a sample prompt:

>>Write a product description for new sneakers for stylish urban women in their late 20s. Emphasize comfort, sleek design, and city-ready durability. Highlight how the sneakers fit their active lifestyle while keeping them fashionable.*

ChatGPT then creates a persuasive product description that’ll likely seal the deal for customers eyeing those shoes.

Developing New Marketing Strategies And Campaigns

Refining your prompt also lets you create new marketing approaches. Here’s an example of a ChatGPT prompt for marketing strategies:

>>Devise a detailed marketing plan for launching an advanced wearable fitness tracker. Define the main goal, highlight key results, and specify the teams engaged in this strategy.*

In response, ChatGPT creates a comprehensive marketing plan that lays out campaign goals, pinpoints the audience, distills key messages, and even maps out the perfect marketing avenues to strut the product’s stuff.

*Think these aren’t refined enough? With these learning tools, you can make a better prompt! 

ChatGPT can boost your marketing efforts by refining your prompt engineering skills. ChatGPT may have a challenging solution, but it can become smarter and smarter with your guidance. Now that we know how to guide ChatGPT’s answers, let’s see how this tool can help us find better keywords and improve marketing strategies.

How To Use ChatGPT For Keyword Research And Local SEO

Need quick keyword suggestions? Just ask ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can help generate targeted keywords and phrases that you can use for your SEO efforts.

Here are a few ways to prompt ChatGPT for keyword ideas:

Discover New Keywords

ChatGPT can suggest keywords that you may not have considered. It may also suggest related long-tail keywords worth targeting. To find new keyword opportunities, try prompts such as:

>>Give me 10 keywords related to [your industry or product].

>>Generate a list of keywords for [topic].

Find Related Keywords For Your Content

Utilize ChatGPT to provide related terms and topics for your content. For example:

>>Provide 10 related keywords or phrases for [main keyword].

>>Suggest 5 topics related to [keyword] that would interest my [target audience].

Add Keywords In Sentences

ChatGPT can rephrase sentences and suggest optimized titles/descriptions featuring your target keywords. This helps ensure your content is search engine-friendly.

For optimizing your content, ask ChatGPT:

>>Rewrite these sentences using keywords: [Sentence 1], [Sentence 2], [Sentence 3].

>>Suggest a title and meta description for this blog post using keywords: [Blog Post Topic]

Using ChatGPT for keyword analysis and content optimization is a simple yet powerful way for small businesses to improve their local SEO and boost organic traffic. With the proper prompts, ChatGPT can uncover valuable keyword opportunities and help optimize your content to rank higher in search results.

⚠️ ChatGPT Isn’t A One-Size-Fits-All Tool

While ChatGPT prompts for marketing are a nifty tool for kickstarting your overall marketing plan, you shouldn’t lean solely on it. It has its limitations too. Remember to cross-reference its suggestions with other tried-and-tested marketing tools.

Tips On How To Use ChatGPT For Content Creation

With just a few CHATGPT prompts, marketers can look for new content ideas.

To make the most of ChatGPT for content marketing, follow these tips:

Find New Ideas

Generate content ideas by prompting ChatGPT with broad questions. For example:

>>What types of content would be valuable for [audience]?

>>What questions related to [topic] do you think people are asking?

>> What trends do you see emerging in [industry] over the next year?

Write Content Outlines Or Drafts

Use prompts to generate draft blog posts, social media content, and email newsletters. Then refine and polish the AI’s suggestions. For example:

>>Tell me about the latest trends in [industry/topic]. Give me an outline for a 500-word blog post.

>>Draft a suggested social media post about [product/service] for [platform]. Keep it under 280 characters.

>>Provide a suggested subject line and preview text for an email newsletter on [topic] to [audience].

Improve Current Content 

Use prompts to help enhance existing content. For example:

>>Provide 2-3 suggestions for improving the title and meta description of [URL of page] for search ranking.

>>Suggest ways to rework the first paragraph to hook the reader better.

With strategic prompts, ChatGPT can become a content marketing assistant to help research, optimize, and create tailored content for your audiences. But always double-check its suggestions – it’s still an AI in training!

Tips On How To Use ChatGPT In Writing Marketing Emails

Can't find the right words to say to your customers or clients? ChatGPT can help.

Writer’s block? ChatGPT can help you overcome it with just a few prompts!

Here are a few ways ChatGPT can help:

Personalize Your Email

Use ChatGPT to easily personalize your emails by including the recipient’s name and tailored content based on their interests or past interactions with your business. See the sample client follow-up prompt below:

>>Compose a follow-up email to a client after a recent meeting about [Project/Topic]. Express appreciation for their time, summarize the key points discussed and propose a plan of action based on the conversation. Request their feedback on the proposed plan and convey enthusiasm about working together to achieve their goals. Don’t forget to write the client’s name.

Write Engaging Subject Lines

Ask ChatGPT for suggestions that aim to capture attention, such as:

>>Generate a compelling subject line to promote a webinar on social media marketing strategies.

>>Craft an email subject line for a limited-time discount on a popular product.

>>Create a subject line for a blog post about the importance of storytelling in branding.

Create A Compelling Promo Email

Use ChatGPT to create a unique, one-time discount offer to include in your email to motivate recipients to act. Here’s a sample: 

>>Create a promotional email to announce the launch of our new product, [Product Name]. The product is a [brief description], designed to [customer benefit]. The email should highlight the product’s unique features, benefits, and how it addresses a specific customer need. Incorporate an engaging subject line and a clear call-to-action (CTA) for recipients to explore the product or make a purchase. The tone of the email should be exciting and informative, encouraging recipients to take action.

By following these tips and letting ChatGPT assist in writing your marketing emails, you’ll see higher open and click-through rates, increased traffic, and more sales. Give it a try!

How To Effectively Use ChatGPT Prompts For Marketing

You might need an extra hand when looking for the right marketing prompt. Still, you should keep in mind common best practices to stay productive as possible!

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of ChatGPT for your marketing efforts:

Give the responses a once-over and a tweak. ChatGPT can churn out top-notch replies, but the human touch is still vital. Scan what it cooks up and fine-tune as necessary before hitting that publish or send button. 

Start with small ones before moving on to more complex ones. Have ChatGPT do something like a first draft of an email subject line or social media post. See how it performs, then determine if you want to try larger content creation.

Blend ChatGPT’s mojo with your own know-how. Treat what ChatGPT dishes out as a jumping-off point, then layer your business, customer, and industry expertise over it. Melding AI and human insights are where the real magic happens.

Test and learn. Keep experimenting with different ways of prompting ChatGPT to get a feel for how it works best for your needs. Track how its responses perform to determine where it adds the most value.

While ChatGPT shows much promise for marketing applications, it still has drawbacks. But by starting small, providing specific details, reviewing and revising its work, and combining it with your efforts, you can leverage this AI tool to boost your marketing in impactful ways. 

Resources To Improve Your ChatGPT Or Prompt Engineering Skills

The internet is the best place to find resources to improve your prompt engineering skills

Looking to improve your ChatGPT or prompt engineering skills? Check out these resources:

Using resources like these, you’ll be leveraging ChatGPT’s natural language skills for marketing in no time. With regular practice, you’ll gain experience determining when and how to deploy ChatGPT to save time and boost results.

The Future of Marketing Is AI-Powered

With ChatGPT and other AI tools advancing incredibly, now is the time to implement them into your small business marketing strategy. ChatGPT can help boost your marketing in many ways, from optimizing your content creation to improving customer service. The benefits are enormous, and the resources are there for you to learn. Why not give it a try? 

Even starting small by using simple ChatGPT prompts for marketing processes like keyword analysis or writing social media posts can save you time and help you reach more potential customers. As AI transforms marketing, adopting tools like ChatGPT will ensure your small business stays ahead of the competition. The future is here, so make the most of this exciting new technology and see how ChatGPT can revolutionize your marketing.

If you’re searching for a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs, you’ve come to the right place! Beanstalk Growth Marketing has a wide range of services available to boost your business. From content and social media marketing to SEO, PPC, email campaigns, and more, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? We’re always up-to-date with the latest AI tools to ensure your message reaches your target audience effectively. Get in touch with us today to find out more!


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