Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): How To 10X Your Business


Every business—startup or multinational—needs potential customers.

While designing a landing page, how can you ensure it will result in leads? 

The obvious answer is to optimize it, of course.

Sure, you can always follow industry-standard design practices. But you’ll be missing out on mind-blowing innovations with the latest Conversion Rate Optimization strategies (CRO) in the market.

If you want to 10X your business conversion rates and gain leads for your business, don’t miss out on the treasure trove of insights below

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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?


Want to increase your conversion rate? Make users stay and interact with your website

The goal of CRO is to have more people interact with the site. It could be anything from purchasing a product to filling out a form.

Everyday CRO responsibilities include improving website conversion rates and design and layout.

Doing the grunt work may not be enough to get quality leads for your business. 

You’ll have to follow the best practices and use the right tools!

  • Ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s dive in and uncover the CRO secrets that will transform your success!
  • Take a leap forward and discover the secrets to capturing high-quality leads for your business.

Anatomy Of A Well-Optimized Landing Page

A well-designed landing page typically includes the following elements:

  1. A main headline and supporting headline
  2. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  3. Key benefits of your offering
  4. Images or video, often referred to as the hero image or video
  5. Some form of social proof, like testimonials or reviews
  6. A clear call-to-action (CTA) button
  7. Minimal, easy-to-complete form fields (if required)
  8. Trust indicators, like logos of well-known clients or security badges
  9. Impeccable grammar and concise copy

These elements work together to create an engaging and effective landing page that drives conversions.

Best Practices For Landing Page Optimization


Follow best practices when you're designing a landing page.

Your landing pages should be industry standard. Otherwise, you’ll waste your efforts and even upset your potential customers. Typically, your landing page should:

  • Have a design that’s user-friendly and responsive.
  • Have photos to drive home the value of what you’re selling to your visitors.
  • Get people interested in your offer with its catchy title.
  • Convince potential customers with social proof and testimonials.

You might even need to do a bit of A/B testing between different designs, light and dark themes, and usability statistics while also comparing other landing pages using different conversion rate optimization tools. So let’s get to know them, shall we?

Google Optimize: Better A/B Testing


The features of Google Optimize are remarkable.

It can be exhausting to test landing page efficiency manually. Google Optimize lets you focus on your business’s most important tasks.

It’s like a digital lab where you can experiment with your website.

You can play around with headlines, images, and call-to-actions to create the ideal combination that makes your visitors feel right at home.

Google Optimize also offers user behavior and engagement insights and reporting. These tools can optimize your target audience’s experience.

With other methods, Google Optimize can improve your landing page’s performance and conversion rate.

Unbounce: Beefed Up Landing Pages


Unbounce is like a swiss army knife for CRO. It can build and test landing pages.

Unbounce makes creating high-converting landing pages easy.

Their drag-and-drop builders and hundreds of free templates make creating great pages easier.

Want to perfect your landing page copy? Unbounce’s AI copywriting eliminates typos and missed details.

With this platform, you’ll be able to build up your leads and maximize your results with the following:

  • A/B testing for split-testing campaigns
  • Dynamic Text Replacement for switching out copy in real time
  • Parallax Scrolling for adding visual effects without slowing download speed
  • Mobile responsive design for better mobile compatibility
  • Analytics & Reporting for tracking performance metrics

Convertize: Customization Made Easy


Convertize has the platform and expertise to attract leads for your business!

Convertize may be the best unknown CRO tool that can attract leads for your business. With this unique and customizable service, you can:

1. Nudge Marketing

Leverage social proof, priority notifications, order soon alerts, and influencer notifications to nudge your audience in the right direction.

2. No Coding or Statistical Know-How Needed

Say goodbye to complicated technical jargon! Convertize’s software makes A/B testing and Nudge Marketing a breeze, even for non-techies.

3. Autopilot Mode

Let algorithms drive your success. Convertize’s autopilot feature takes the wheel. It uses smart algorithms to direct traffic to the most persuasive pages, increasing your conversion rates without lifting a finger.

4. Collaborate Like a Pro

Enjoy seamless collaboration with your team. Work together, brainstorm ideas, and watch your campaigns reach new heights.

The thing with Convertize is it’s really easy to use. 

You can get set up quickly and efficiently and then have the power to test different variations of content, offers and calls-to-action without waiting for a developer.

It’s designed to help you test different elements, variations and even entire pages to get the highest conversions possible on your landing page—without any coding experience!

Hotjar: Accurate Heat Map Funnel Improvements


Hotjar's heatmaps lets you guess less and convert more.

Hotjar’s an excellent analytics and feedback tool that helps you understand how your visitors interact with your landing pages.

Imagine having a heat map showing where people click, scroll, and even how far they read!

Hotjar is like a website sleuth.

This excellent service also lets you design custom funnels to track visitors from page to page and identify drop-off points.

You can also create surveys and polls to learn why people are leaving or what features they want.

Hotjar for landing page optimization is pretty sweet. Knowing precisely what grabs your visitors’ attention lets you fine-tune your pages to be more engaging, keep people on your site longer, and ultimately boost those conversion rates.

It All Leads To Your Strategy


CRO tools are great but planning will always be the foundation of success.

We get it. You’re on a mission to generate leads for your business. Well, lead generation tools are like your secret weapon in this quest. 

They help you get the most out of your efforts and ensure your visitors have a smooth ride from when they land on your page to when they convert.

But here’s the deal: tools are great and all, but it’s your marketing strategy that brings it all together. 

Think of these tools as the ingredients for a delicious meal, but it’s your master chef skills (aka your strategy) that’ll cook up something truly unforgettable.

So, spend some time learning and understanding these conversion rate optimization tools, and let’s whip up a winning strategy that’ll have your leads pouring in like there’s no tomorrow!

Landing page CRO is essential for any lead generation goal. Beanstalk Growth Marketing optimizes landing page conversion using accurate insights. We assess, test, and optimize using the latest CRO technologies. Contact us and find out how our data-driven strategy can grow your business.


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