From Coworkers To Brand Ambassadors: How To Grow Your Business Through Employee Advocacy 


When it comes to marketing, many business owners think that they have to go all out in lengthy promotional campaigns every single time. 

But what if we told you that growth marketing doesn’t have to be so complicated? 

That’s right, the answer to your marketing dilemma doesn’t have to be a hodgepodge of campaigns. 

They are right there in front of you – your coworkers and employees.

Think of them as your brand ambassadors.

Outside working hours, they can act as marketing extensions of your business in so many ways. 

Whether it’s through word-of-mouth, social media posts, or even just engaging with customers on a personal level, your coworkers are key to promoting your business effectively and efficiently. 

This is what employee branding is all about.

What is Employee Branding?

Simply put, employee branding is the process of making your employees into brand ambassadors – people who promote and market your business in their everyday lives.

After all, they are the ones who have face-to-face interactions with your customers, and it’s through their experiences that they become an extension of your brand.


How To Use Employee Branding to Market Your Business

Want to learn how you can get your coworkers on board with marketing your business? 

Here are 8 tips on how to use your coworkers as an effective marketing team.

1. Create a Healthy Work Culture Where Marketing Is a Priority


The people you work with can spread the word about your brand in creative ways that traditional marketing campaigns simply cannot replicate. 

But for this to happen, you must create a healthy and positive work culture where marketing is recognized as an important element. 

So, make sure that your coworkers understand why growth marketing is important and how it will benefit the business as a whole. 

Give them the necessary resources to promote your brand, such as access to high-quality content or videos about your new products or services.


2. Keep Your Coworkers Updated


As a business owner, it’s likely that you are constantly coming up with new ideas to grow and improve your brand. 

But if you aren’t sharing this information with the people who work alongside you, they won’t be able to effectively represent your business on the front lines.

Make sure that everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when. 

Send regular updates via email or other communication channels so everyone stays on the same page!

small-tree 93% of consumers trust products and services shared by their family and friends. These trusted individuals could be your employees! Your coworkers can potentially spread the word about your brand in creative ways that traditional marketing campaigns simply cannot replicate. 


3. Encourage Your Coworkers To Get Social


Who needs influencers when you’ve got loyal coworkers? 

As your brand ambassadors, your employees can act as unofficial influencers by sharing information about your business on social media.

Employee branding is also about getting your employees on board in your growth marketing strategy by encouraging them to interact with potential partners online and share useful information about your business or services on their social media platforms.


4. Create An Employee Referral Program


employees sharing information


Ask your employees to refer potential customers or partners to your business. Offer incentives such as referral bonuses or discounts for their friends and family. 

This is an excellent way to boost growth marketing since it encourages employees to spread the word about your business.


5. Organize Team Activities


Don’t underestimate the power of team bonding. Getting to know your coworkers better can go a long way toward an effective employee branding strategy. 

If you want to get your employees involved, why not organize team activities? 

It could be anything from an Instagrammable group outing to an online competition to create content for your business. 

Not only does this promote camaraderie among your employees, but it also gives you the opportunity to showcase your business online in a creative and unique way.

small-tree Fostering employee engagement is essential for any business that wants to remain competitive. Engaged employees can raise profitability by 23%, and customer loyalty by 10%.


6. Reward Your Employees


Being brand ambassadors should be rewarding for your coworkers. 

Show them how much you appreciate their efforts by offering rewards like gift cards, vacations, and other incentives

This will make them feel valued and appreciated, which will in turn make them more motivated to participate in marketing activities!


7. Turn Your Coworkers To Industry Experts


employee working from a tablet


Provide your employees with skills that will make them experts in their respective fields. 

This way, when your employees start talking about what they do for a living, people will be more inclined to trust their opinions and recommendations.


8. Encourage Your Coworkers To Attend Industry Events


Industry events provide an excellent opportunity for networking. 

Encouraging employees to attend these events is an effective way of building relationships and expanding your business network.


Take Care of Your Most Valuable Assets

It is the people who work alongside you that drive your success–that’s what makes employee branding such a powerful marketing tool. 

Treat them well, and they will go above and beyond to represent your brand the right way. Incorporate these tips into your growth marketing strategy today, and you’ll soon have a dedicated team of motivated employees eager to help your business reach new heights.


Need more tips on how to grow your business through marketing? Check out our blog for more great ideas!​ You can also talk to our marketing team for more advice. 


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