Goodbye Keywords? How Google Gemini Will Transform Digital Marketing + A Major Search Update


More AI Developments on Google!

Ever feel like Google is changing its SEO policies too much? Well, you’re not alone.

There are marketers and entrepreneurs out there who still can’t get ahead of the fact that Google makes algorithm changes 500–600 times a year.

The frequent Google updates can feel like whiplash.

The latest shock to the system? Google recently announced they’ll remove how-to rich results to “improve the quality of information” for users.

At the same time, the tech giant has officially joined the race to develop and advance artificial intelligence (AI). Google’s been working hard developing its new AI system, Gemini, which promises to transform search engine optimization entirely.

With Gemini on the horizon, should we throw out everything we thought we knew about keywords and links? Maybe not just yet, but some big changes are coming.

Read on to find out what the recent updates mean for your online visibility, digital marketing strategy and how you can prepare for these in the future.

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What’s Google Gemini All About?

Google Gemini will be more than just a chatbot. It will be your personal assistant!

Google has been working on its AI system to compete with ChatGPT and other language models. Codenamed Gemini, this multimodal model is being developed by DeepMind, Google’s AI division.

It merges DeepMind’s AlphaGo, an AI model known for defeating a human Go champion, with advanced natural language processing. This allows Gemini to understand and generate text, images, and more.

Gemini According To Google’s Top Guns

Jeffrey Dean, Google’s Chief Scientist, called Gemini one of the “next-gen, multimodal models” he’s helping create. Early reports indicate Gemini could significantly advance AI and may outperform models like GPT-4.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai said Gemini and future versions will become “incredible universal personal assistants.” They’ll help with daily tasks like travel, work, and entertainment.

If Gemini lives up to the hype, it could reshape interactive AI and help achieve Google’s goal of bringing AI to millions.

Gemini may start as a chatbot but ultimately become far more advanced, embedded in how we live and work. This can have a considerable potential to impact businesses’ marketing strategies.

What Can Google Gemini Do?

As an AI system that's a step above AlphaGo, expect Google Gemini to only give more human responses!

Gemini’s abilities go far beyond today’s chatbots and virtual assistants. As stated earlier, Gemini combines DeepMind’s AI research with Google’s computational power, giving it sophisticated capabilities like:

  • Understanding language, images, video and more

    Gemini can comprehend multiple data types to provide a seamless experience.

  • Natural conversational skills

    Gemini will be able to have fluent, complex conversations, connecting with people through language.

  • Memory and reasoning

    Gemini can remember details and use them to work through complex tasks, just like a human logically.

  • Access to tools and APIs

    Gemini will integrate with Google’s products and services to complete various digital marketing functions.

Google Gemini is set to revolutionize digital marketing for businesses. With its advanced natural language processing and multimodal understanding, Gemini can enable highly engaging customer interactions and an improved overall user experience in the future.

How Will Google Gemini Affect Businesses’ Online Visibility?

Gemini could be all over Google products (whether on desktop, tab, and mobile). It may give users clearer answers, which could affect your site's or profile's searchability.

Google’s upcoming AI model, Gemini, is expected to significantly impact businesses online, particularly in terms of organic website traffic. Again, this model has been designed to be truly ‘multimodal,’ meaning it can generate content across text, audio, video, and image.

This advancement might enhance the capabilities of Google’s experimental and highly anticipated Search Generative Experience (SGE), which aims to answer a searcher’s queries directly on the search results page.

Generative Search

Google’s experimental and AI-powered Generative Search offers personalized and thorough results to your queries, making your searches more natural and efficient. It can potentially revolutionize how we find information online, as it tailors its responses to your specific needs.

For instance, instead of asking for the capital of France, you can inquire about the best way to travel from Paris to London, and Generative Search will provide you with details on travel options, time, and costs. Watch more about how it works here.

Generative Search is currently in development together with Gemini. Gemini could power it in the future. Nothing’s definite, but both AI products will change digital marketing and SEO forever.

The use of Gemini could potentially decrease the number of website visits during a user’s search journey.

A recent study found that Google’s search engine modifications may decrease organic website traffic by up to 64%.

If Gemini is integrated with SGE, it could answer more queries directly in the search results, reducing the need for users to visit multiple websites for information. However, there are ways companies can adjust to this change:

  1. Optimizing for SGE Rankings

    Since SGE results include links to websites, getting featured could be a good source of traffic. This will likely be the new battlefront for SEO.

  2. Focusing on Commercial Intent Pages

    As most commercial queries will still result in visits to websites, businesses should aim to rank for commercial intent queries.

  3. Building Profitable Ad Campaigns

    Given the potential for a drop in organic traffic, businesses should consider building and optimizing profitable ad campaigns on Google.

The imminent introduction of Gemini and its potential integration with SGE could revolutionize the search journey. However, with strategic planning and optimization, businesses can adjust to these changes and continue to drive traffic and conversions.

When Will Google Gemini Launch?

Google Gemini will be set for beta launch soon.

Google’s giving select developers early access to Gemini hints its beta launch is imminent. Early Access allows developers to experience Gemini before its official release, providing feedback to improve the system.

Google’s strategy suggests Gemini’s capabilities will be formidable. Giving select developers early access to such a powerful system signals Google’s confidence in Gemini and dedication to launching it responsibly. If all goes as planned, Gemini could drive a new wave of AI applications, fulfilling Google’s mission to make advanced technologies accessible.

Brace Yourself For Another Update: Google Removes How-To Rich Results For Good

No more Rich Results! Will this benefit your rank in SERPs?

Google officially announced the removal of How-To rich results from search on September 15, 2023. This change may come as a surprise, given that How-To content has become increasingly popular and useful for searchers. However, Google claims the removal aims to improve the quality of search results.

What does this mean for businesses that bank on rich results for visibility and ranking?

You’ll want to focus more on ranking organically for important keyword phrases in the main search results. Some tips for this include:

  • Optimizing your page titles, headers, and content for target keywords
  • Improving your page load speed and mobile-friendliness
  • Building internal links between relevant content on your site
  • Earning high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites
  • Publishing comprehensive, well-written content on topics that match your products or services
  • You can find more tips in this guide.

While this update may require adjusting your search engine optimization strategy, focusing on the fundamentals of great content and page optimization is key.

The removal of How-To rich results and the recent Gemini updates may just be the first of many changes aimed at improving search quality and user experience through advanced technologies. Publishers and brands will need to stay on top of Google’s experiments to determine how best to reach searchers.

Is Google Gemini A Double-Edged Sword? You Decide

Although far from being a humanoid robot, Google Gemini's capabilities may be close to one. It might provide more personalized search results but remember, customers will always need human connection!

These major changes coming down the pipeline are set to shake up the SEO and digital marketing world as we know it.

Google Gemini and the removal of how-to rich results are signalling a shift to more natural, conversational content that provides real value to users. For businesses, it may feel like the rules are constantly changing, and it’s hard to keep up, but focusing on building a genuine connection with your audience and providing helpful information will serve you well.

AI is getting smarter, and search is getting more intuitive, but at the end of the day, people still want to connect with other people. If you can tap into that and be a useful resource for your customers, you’ll be ahead of the game.

The future is uncertain, but one thing’s for sure – boring, repetitive content is on its way out. Time to start getting creative! How will you adapt to the new era of search? The race is on.

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