Google Profiles (formally Google My Business): Agency Access


One thing that we always get asked is how do you add an agency to your Google Profile (formally ‘Google My Business’).

If your business is using an agency to do any type of Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), you’ll most likely need to give that agency permission to manage your Google Profile listing. This article quickly goes over how to make that happen.

Useful Information

Owners and Managers of your GMB listing have different capabilities within the service. To see a summary of the different capabilities of each type of user, view the chart below:

Google My Business User Permissions

It’s important to note; only an owner can add or remove users. However, a manager may remove himself or herself from a listing. Many times you may add 1 user from your digital marketing agency, but that user may need to add some of their co-workers, which means giving this person “Owner” access will allow the most ease of use for your agency. 

Add New Users

To add a new user to your GMB listing:

Step 1

Sign in to Google Business.

Step 2

Select the profile you would like to add the user to.

Step 3

Click on “See Your Profile. This will redirect you to your Business Profile on Google. 

Step 4

Once on Google, click the settings icon (3-dots) to the right of the text “Your business on Google”. Then select “Business Profile Settings”.

Step 5

Next, click “People and Access“.

Step 6

Next, enter the email addresses or group ID of the users/group you would like to add.

GMB: Add New Users

Step 7

Then assign the user a role by selecting Owner or Manager.


GMB: Choose Role

Step 8

Finally, click Invite. From there each new user will receive an email notifying them of the invitation. The page owners will also get a notification via email once the invitation is accepted. 

That’s it!



You may also need to give the agency access to your business’s Facebook page. To learn how to do that, click here.

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