How PR & Local SEO Go Hand In Hand


As different as they sound and operate, PR and SEO have a common principle that acts as a basis of their activities. It is to promote awareness by getting the message across to the targeted audience in a timely manner. The main goal of any business is to increase brand awareness using different platforms and PR and SEO work well together in helping achieve this goal and get the most out of every message shared. Beanstalk Growth Marketing offers comprehensive SEO and PR services that will strategically position your company so that you gain maximum results from your marketing efforts.

The Difference

Public Relations or more commonly known as PR for short, focuses on building long-lasting relationships with third parties who will aid in increasing awareness of the business. Public relations gets the market buzzing with news of the company and online PR links are mainly focused on gaining exposure and turning the exposure into positive clicks. Search Engine Optimization is mainly focused on digital marketing and the aim is to have a higher ranking on search engines which in turn will cause more consistent organic traffic exposure over a period of time. The success of local SEO links is determined by the potential of the link location, the context of the content, anchor texts, and Google’s assessment and keyword ranking factors.

How Local SEO And PR Benefit Each Other

Though public relations is committed to forming relationships, they do need a reliable and accurate tactic that will aid in identifying the relationships that are worth pursuing. Local SEO on the other hand will give this crucial direction, and through competitor analysis, backlink and keyword research, online trends, and ranking scoring tools will ultimately build up a reputation. PR efforts will have more clarity in achieving their main objective, thus creating an environment with strong relationships and overall exposure.

SEO will benefit from a company’s public relations efforts by basing its backlink efforts on the connections created by public relations. The expertise of establishing relationships using public relations will also boost the local SEO plan to easily create stronger backlinks or more commonly known as reputable or authoritative backlinks.


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Instances Where PR And SEO Work Well Together

Several years ago there was no connection between the two strategies as each had its unique flow of processes. However, the gradual shift in marketing and the advancement in the digital space has made it necessary for the two to blend so that the impact can be more resounding.


People are more inclined to prefer a brand that is familiar to them. A company succeeds when they have a successful brand awareness campaign for their products or services. SEO and PR work together to create and build on this awareness. PR is handy in putting the company’s name out there in media outlets and assists in increasing exposure through events and physical campaigns. Local SEO on the other hand will adapt to Google search elements and if carried out effectively will get the attention of the target audience when they are interested in getting something from the industry or niche. 

Generation Of Leads

Well-crafted PR campaigns, whether events or content campaigns, greatly help in getting new leads for a business. On the other hand, SEO when done right will help in ranking higher and as a result, get organic traffic that translates into more qualified lead potentials.

Management of Brand Image

The reputation of a company is very important as it greatly influences how one perceives and interacts with the company. Public relations remain devoted to developing messages that will give a positive image. If the reputation of a company is negative, PR and SEO have to come together to correct and change this perception. PR will work on spreading strategic information of the brand while SEO will add the information to the SERPs and see to it that this message is accessed online by both the customers and the rest of the online community. 

Business Consistency

For sustained growth, a business needs to ensure that there is consistency in how its brand is reflected across different platforms. PR and local SEO work together to ensure there is consistency in putting the right message out there at the most appropriate time. For instance, a brand may be the main focus at a physical event and when one gets online, they see the same brand being positioned the same way as in the event. This boosts the identity of a company and has a powerful impact on how the audience will engage with it. 

Build On Authority & Trust

For a business to greatly succeed they need to create and build on the trust the market has placed on them. A business needs to project itself as an authority in the industry to increase trust. Consumers tend to trust a brand based on the information that is available to them as well as based on their personal experience and other consumer reviews. When combined and carried out effectively, local SEO and PR have power in setting up a brand as trustworthy and reputable.

Social Connections

Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and even Tik Tok have a powerful way of establishing the social identity and social trust of any brand. These platforms encourage social sharing which boosts the efforts of a brand to increase awareness. Public relations is very important here as it focuses on getting the full attention of social media users and prompts them to connect with the brand, thus personalizing their experience and connection. Local SEO will aid in identifying the trends in the market and help in crafting shareable content that will encourage conversations and actions.


Though it requires effort to streamline it, a steadfast strategy that combines  Public Relations and SEO practices strategy offers immeasurable value when executed right. At Beanstalk Growth Marketing, we believe in fully unleashing the whole potential of a company and offer comprehensive services that will seamlessly customize and integrate PR and SEO strategies to enable you to achieve your set goals within your niche. Reach out to us today for more information on how we can help you. 


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