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Digital Leap: Elevating Abzi Academy with Strategic Web and SEO Solutions



Keywords In The Top 3 Search Rankings on Google


Course Registrations In One Month


Surge In Calls From Google Business Profile Over Three Months


Boost In Website Page Views Post-Redevelopment


Growth In Google Business Profile Impressions In Three Months

Executive Summary

This case study explores the journey of Abzi Academy, a specialized educational institution focusing on exam preparation for medical professionals, as it embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation. Facing online visibility and engagement challenges, the academy partnered for a strategic overhaul of its website and SEO practices, aiming to enhance its digital footprint, attract a wider audience, and improve course bookings.

About The Client

Abzi Academy is an esteemed institution that provides top-notch exam preparation materials for International Medical Graduates, medical students, and family doctors. Based in Canada, it targets both local and international markets, emphasizing support for medical professionals aiming to achieve certification.

The Challenge

The academy faced significant challenges in reaching its target audience due to its limited online presence, low search engine rankings, and an underperforming website. The primary objectives were to increase website traffic, decrease bounce rates, enhance user engagement, and significantly boost course enrollments.

Our Solutions

To address Abzi Academy’s challenges, a detailed solution strategy was implemented, focusing on website redesign and SEO optimization:

Website Redesign: Implemented a user-friendly, modern interface with improved navigation and mobile responsiveness.
SEO Optimization: Conducted keyword research and content optimization to boost search engine rankings and visibility.
Content Strategy: Enhanced content quality to engage users, providing valuable resources and information.
Local SEO Focus: Optimized for local search with a Google My Business profile and targeted regional listings.
Performance Monitoring: Established metrics tracking for ongoing optimization and performance improvement.

The Impact

The strategic overhaul resulted in a significant uptick in website traffic, improved search engine rankings for key terms, and a lower bounce rate. Most notably, the academy achieved its goal of over 30-course registrations per month, a testament to the effectiveness of the combined website and SEO enhancements.



Abzi Academy’s digital transformation showcases the profound impact of a well-executed website and SEO strategy on reaching and engaging target audiences in the competitive educational sector. The project revitalized the academy’s online presence and set a solid foundation for future growth and success in fulfilling its mission to support medical professionals worldwide.



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