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Targeted Leads for New Dock & Build Design


Increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR)


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Brand Identity

Executive Summary

In collaboration with Beanstalk, CALTA Construction witnessed a remarkable transformation with a soaring increase in leads, bookings, and over $100,000 worth of projects secured within the first 3 months. This case study explores the dynamic partnership that propelled CALTA to new heights.

About The Client

CALTA Construction, a marine and construction services powerhouse, specializes in residential and commercial projects, boasting expertise in aluminum dock construction. Recognized for their swift project completion, proactive problem-solving, and in-house manufacturing capabilities, CALTA is a British Columbia construction landscape leader.

The Challenge

Facing the need for a refreshed identity and a strategic marketing approach, CALTA turned to Beanstalk after previous endeavours failed to deliver results.

Our Solutions

With a tight deadline coinciding with lake season, Beanstalk devised a comprehensive plan to elevate CALTA’s online presence swiftly. 

The team:

  • Crafted a new company identity, encompassing a revamped logo, a vibrant colour palette, and compelling public messaging.
  • Developed and optimized a high-converting landing page, streamlining visitor-to-customer conversion.
  • Launched a dynamic Google Ad campaign, spanning search, display, and remarketing, resulting in rapid bookings across BC.

The immediate impact was palpable, with CALTA securing dock projects worth $100k in the first 3-months. Beanstalk continues to provide personalized consulting services and continued development of CALTA’s comprehensive website to showcase its exponential growth. Notably, the team also facilitated the approval of a CDAP grant for future business developments.

The Impact

In the wake of Beanstalk’s strategic interventions, CALTA Construction experienced a tidal wave of transformation. Here are the measurable impacts that reshaped the company’s trajectory: This major change was not only about numbers. It marked the start of a new era for CALTA, bringing in more profit, increasing market visibility, and strengthening the brand’s identity. CALTA and Beanstalk have joined forces to develop more campaigns.



In rewriting CALTA Construction’s narrative, Beanstalk exceeded expectations and ignited a rapid ascent in leads, revenue, and brand recognition. The collaborative efforts showcase the prowess of strategic planning, impactful design, and results-driven marketing, positioning CALTA as a prominent player in the construction and marine services sector.



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