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Executive Summary

Eternal Beauty Institute (EBI) and Beanstalk joined forces to redefine EBI’s presence in the beauty training industry. This case study showcases Beanstalk’s strategic solutions that spurred EBI’s growth, streamlined ad performance, and enhanced brand visibility. Significantly, Beanstalk’s immediate and effective response to digital security threats protected EBI’s online presence. These efforts not only strengthened EBI’s digital footprint but also affirmed its status as a premier beauty education institute.

About The Client

Eternal Beauty Institute, a premier North American beauty school partnering with Beanstalk Growth Marketing for a strategic campaign. Home to accredited programs both full-time and specialists. Targeting passionate individuals, they want to launch a campaign that promotes their unique Full-Time Program, integrating clinical treatments and distinguishing us as the most comprehensive in Canada. They aim to attract serious individuals seeking a transformative career in esthetics, offering fully accredited programs.

The Challenge

Eternal Beauty Institute (EBI) faced a dual challenge: effectively promoting its unique, accredited programs across Alberta and safeguarding its digital assets against significant security threats. EBI needed to not only highlight its comprehensive Full-Time and Specialist Programs but also ensure the protection and integrity of its online presence. Beanstalk crafted a tailored campaign that resonated with aspiring beauty professionals and promptly deployed robust security measures. This multifaceted approach addressed both the promotional and security needs of EBI, reinforcing its stature as a leader in beauty education and a secure, innovative institution.

Our Solutions

Beanstalk Growth Marketing developed a comprehensive strategy to address Eternal Beauty Institute’s challenges, focusing on targeted advertising and digital security.

Our approach involved:

Strategic Messaging Emphasizing Accreditation
Leveraging our ongoing campaigns, we consistently crafted ads that emphasized EBI’s ‘Government Accredited’ status, reinforcing trust and credibility across Full-Time and Specialist Programs. This strategic messaging, iteratively refined and targeted, underscored the high educational standards EBI maintains, effectively distinguishing it within the competitive beauty training industry.

Highlighting the Comprehensive Full-Time Program
Our campaigns spotlighted EBI’s Full-Time Program, showcasing its integration with clinical treatments, and positioning it as Canada’s most comprehensive beauty education offering. This not only addressed EBI’s immediate challenge but also established a compelling selling point to attract students seeking an extensive, well-rounded beauty education.

Robust Digital Security Measures
Recognizing the critical importance of online presence, Beanstalk proactively addressed digital security threats faced by EBI. We implemented stringent security protocols, ensuring the protection of EBI’s digital assets, maintaining the integrity of their marketing campaigns, and securing the trust of prospective students.

The blend of targeted advertising and dedicated digital security measures formulated a holistic solution that not only elevated EBI’s market presence but also fortified its digital infrastructure, setting a new industry benchmark for digital excellence in beauty education.

The Impact

The strategic combination of Google Ads, Social Ads, and robust digital security measures successfully addressed the multifaceted challenges faced by Eternal Beauty Institute. The campaigns resulted in significant improvements in cost efficiency, conversion rates, and brand visibility, leading to a surge in leads and enrollees. Our targeted marketing strategies attracted a larger pool of potential students and ensured the integrity of EBI’s digital presence through proactive security protocols.

Efficient Cost Management
A 18% decrease in the Google Ads campaign cost indicates successful optimization efforts, ensuring a more budget-friendly approach without compromising reach or effectiveness.

Improved Conversion Economics
A substantial 61% decrease in the cost per conversion showcases the efficacy of our targeted strategies, resulting in a more economical acquisition of potential students and a higher return on investment.

Widespread Reach and Increased Conversions
With an impressive reach of 25,462 impressions and a remarkable 154% increase under 90 days, in the conversion rate, the Google Ads campaign effectively penetrated the target market, translating into more leads and enrollees for Eternal Beauty Institute.

Business Impact
The positive outcomes of the campaigns translated into tangible benefits for the business, including increased lead generation, more efficient resource allocation, and a notable return on investment. The incorporation of digital security measures ensured the continuous protection of EBI’s digital assets, maintaining the integrity of their marketing initiatives and reinforcing their position as a leader in beauty education.

Broad Brand Visibility
The 721,000 impressions and a reach of 172,000 people underscore the success of the Social Ads in enhancing brand visibility, effectively expanding the institute’s presence among the target demographic.

Cost-Effective Lead Generation
The 11% decrease in the cost per lead and a 23% decrease in average cost per click reflect the efficiency of the Social Ads in acquiring potential students in a cost-effective manner.

Increased Website Traffic and Engagement
The 23% increase in new website visitors from social platforms demonstrates that the Social Ads not only attracted attention but also successfully drove traffic to the institute’s website, fostering engagement.


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The partnership between Eternal Beauty Institute (EBI) and Beanstalk Growth Marketing has been a resounding success, adeptly addressing the multifaceted challenges of marketing in the competitive beauty education sector. Alongside these marketing triumphs, Beanstalk’s proactive stance on digital security was pivotal. By implementing robust security measures, we ensured the protection and integrity of EBI’s digital assets, a foundational element in sustaining and augmenting their market presence.

As a result, EBI is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth, attracting and retaining students, and setting new benchmarks in the beauty education landscape. The collaboration with Beanstalk has not just resolved immediate marketing challenges but has also laid down a strong foundation for EBI’s sustained success and innovation in the digital realm.



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