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Rx for Growth: Beanstalk's Impactful Solutions in Medi-Drugs' Digital Journey



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Increase in Engagement Rate


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Executive Summary

In a digital era where every sector seeks to flourish online, Medi-Drugs Pharmacies joined hands with Beanstalk to revolutionize its virtual services. Our case study showcases an alliance that brought forth compelling growth strategies, meticulously aligning with the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Discover the journey of synchronization between Beanstalk’s mastery of marketing growth and Medi-Drugs’ expertise in healthcare, enhancing both regulatory adherence and customer engagement. Through targeted solutions, we’ve rejuvenated Medi-Drugs’ digital identity, catalyzing robust growth and consolidating consumer confidence in their online health services.

About The Client

Since its inception in 1983, Medi-Drugs Pharmacies, founded by Aileen Jang in Edmonton, has been at the forefront of innovative pharmacy services. Aileen’s pioneering vision has been instrumental in shaping a culture dedicated to personalized patient care. The team at Medi-Drugs is known for its comprehensive and compassionate approach, placing the well-being of patients at the core of their mission. Beyond dispensing medications, they provide a spectrum of healthcare services, including in-depth consultations and chronic disease management. Medi-Drugs stands as more than a pharmacy; it’s a healthcare partner, true to Aileen’s dedication to quality care, raising the bar for health services within the Edmonton community.

The Challenge

Our engagement with Medi-Drugs Pharmacies started by meticulously addressing the digital hurdles they faced. Recognizing the importance of cyber security and user privacy in the healthcare sector, Beanstalk first laid down an impenetrable foundation of legal compliance through the establishment of a comprehensive privacy policy and transparent terms & conditions. To further align with best practices, a user consent mechanism was put in place on all contact forms, fortifying trust and ensuring an ethically sound user journey. Navigability enhancements were next, with an optimized layout that prominently featured essential services like prescription refills and appointment bookings. Our objective remained steadfast: to curate an online domain that mirrored the pharmacy’s commitment to patient care—accessible, trustworthy, and user-friendly. By overhauling the digital touchpoints, the Medi-Drugs website transformed into a seamless portal enabling meaningful interactions and conversion, truly encapsulating the ethos of Beanstalk’s commitment to Medic-Drugs’ sustained growth and digital efficacy.

Our Solutions

In response to the unique challenges faced by Medi-Drugs, Beanstalk embarked on a strategic journey to elevate the online presence and user experience of this esteemed pharmacy.

Legal Compliance and User Protection
Beanstalk addressed Medi-Drugs’ need for a privacy policy and terms & conditions page by implementing a comprehensive and legally sound framework. We ensured that the website complied with all relevant regulations, providing a secure environment for both the pharmacy and its users. This not only protected Medi-Drugs from potential legal issues but also instilled trust among visitors, assuring them of the pharmacy’s commitment to transparency and privacy.

Streamlined User Engagement
To enhance user engagement and streamline the contact process, our agency integrated a consent mechanism on the website. Before submitting any contact form, visitors are now prompted to agree to the terms and conditions/privacy policy. This not only ensures that users are well-informed but also establishes a clear and upfront communication channel. By making this a seamless part of the user experience, we simplified the engagement process, promoting a sense of trust and compliance.

Enhanced Visibility and User-Friendly Experience
Beanstalk tackled Medi-Drugs’ goal of improving visibility and accessibility on their website. We optimized the site’s structure, making key services such as refills and bookings more prominent and user-friendly. The revamped design and functionality not only improved the overall user experience but also contributed to a more intuitive navigation system. This strategic approach aimed to create a positive first impression, making it easy for visitors to gather essential information and, importantly, encouraging them to take action by generating leads and bookings.

Through a multifaceted strategy, Beanstalk successfully navigated Medi-Drugs through these challenges, ensuring legal compliance, simplifying user engagement, and enhancing overall visibility for increased business growth.

The Impact

The impressive impact achieved for Medi-Drugs directly correlates with the targeted solutions implemented by Beanstalk to address their specific challenges. By establishing a robust privacy framework and integrating consent mechanisms, we not only ensured legal compliance but also significantly contributed to a 40.43% decrease in the bounce rate, indicating improved user engagement. The streamlined user engagement approach resulted in a remarkable 74.55% increase in engagement rate, fulfilling the goal of creating a more interactive and user-friendly experience.

Simultaneously, our efforts to enhance visibility and accessibility on the website led to a remarkable 186.4% increase in organic web traffic. This accomplishment, along with reaching over 1,800 new users and accumulating 2,100+ home page views all under a month, showcases the success of our strategies in addressing Medi-Drugs’ need for increased online visibility and user interest. The interplay between challenges, solutions, and the subsequent impact underscores the effectiveness of Beanstalk’s tailored approach in transforming digital performance for our valued client.



In the collaborative journey between Beanstalk and Medi-Drugs, the tailored solutions devised to address specific challenges have ushered in a transformative era for the pharmacy’s online presence. The remarkable impact achieved, with notable decreases in bounce rates, substantial increases in engagement rates, and a staggering rise in organic web traffic, attests to the efficacy of our strategic interventions. This success story is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and strategic thinking in navigating and overcoming digital challenges, ultimately elevating the online experience for both the pharmacy and its users.



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