My Home Handyman

Nailing Success: An Efficient Meta Ad Campaign For Recruitment



Qualified Candidates in 3 Months

Over 40%

Engagement in HR Ads


Project Efficiency from Hires


Applications, 5% Conversion Rate


Uplift in Social Media Reach

Executive Summary

This case study explores the collaboration between Beanstalk and My Home Handyman, focusing on a Meta Hiring ad campaign that targeted experienced tradespeople in Calgary. The campaign successfully increased applicant numbers, demonstrating the efficacy of targeted social media advertising.

About The Client

My Home Handyman, a trusted name in Calgary’s handyman service industry, excels in providing a wide range of home repair and renovation services. Their reputation is built on a foundation of skilled craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and a diverse range of services.

This reputation necessitates a team of highly qualified and experienced tradespeople who align with the company’s ethos of quality and reliability. Their commitment to excellence makes them a preferred choice for homeowners, demanding an equally high standard in their recruitment.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was recruiting experienced tradespeople, specifically carpenters, handymen, renovators, painters, plumbers, and electricians, in a competitive market with a specific focus on those with over ten years of experience.

Our Solutions

Before diving into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand that our approach was multi-faceted and designed to address the unique challenges of recruiting in the trade sector. We implemented a comprehensive strategy encompassing various aspects of digital marketing:

  • Campaign Strategy: We defined clear objectives for the campaign, focusing on generating leads and boosting applications.
  • Target Audience Identification: Utilized Facebook’s Audience Insights to pinpoint ideal candidates based on experience, location, and interest.
  • Budget Allocation: Set a strategic monthly budget, balancing cost-effectiveness with campaign reach.
  • Creative Ad Design: Developed a relevant design with clear, engaging copy and strong CTAs.
  • Ad Placements: Optimized ad placements across Facebook and Instagram for maximum visibility.
  • Audience Segmentation: Implemented segmentation using custom and lookalike audiences for personalized ad delivery.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensured all ads were mobile-friendly, catering to most social media users.

Performance Tracking: Utilized Meta’s analytics tools for ongoing performance assessment and adjustments.

The Impact

The campaign’s success was evident in several key areas:

  • Robust Applicant Pool: A significant increase in applications from qualified candidates.
  • Brand Strengthening: Enhanced local market presence and employer branding.
  • Efficient Lead Generation: Maximizing the impact within the budget considerations.



Beanstalk’s Meta ad campaign for My Home Handyman illustrates the power of targeted social media advertising in addressing specific recruitment challenges. This case study exemplifies how a well-strategized digital campaign can lead to tangible results in both recruitment and brand enhancement.



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