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Executive Summary

Sassy G’s had all the makings of a successful adventure farm – the scenic landscape, friendly farm animals, and exciting activities. While their guests had a great time, the team at Sassy G’s knew that there was still untapped potential for growth. That’s when they turned to Beanstalk. From elevating their vibrant identity to the creation of an immersive digital platform, our innovative solutions have taken Sassy G’s Adventure Farm to new heights.

With strategic branding, captivating web design, and a dynamic lead generation tool, we have helped Sassy G’s emerge as Alberta’s premier destination for adventure seekers. Through our partnership with the farm, we have seen firsthand how creativity can transform a business and drive tangible results.

About The Client

Sassy G’s Adventure Farm is more than just a business; it’s a family legacy. It started as a small mixed operation until they added 13,000 Haskap Berry bushes in 2017. This transformation allowed them to invite the public to enjoy a fresh-from-the-farm U-pick experience.

The overwhelming love from visitors led Sassy G’s to expand and include a farm viewing zoo and adventure park. Their tagline, “The world needs more smiles, and we want to specialize in giggles,” perfectly captures their commitment to creating joyful experiences for all ages.

Sassy G’s Adventure Farm’s mission is to provide families with a half-day escape. They strive to offer something exciting for everyone, from toddlers to preteens. As they continue to grow and attract more visitors, Sassy G’s wants to establish a strong identity as The Purple Barn – a symbol of family, farming, and fun.

The Challenge

Sassy G’s Adventure Farm knew that they had the potential to stand out in a crowded market, but they needed help in defining their brand and reaching their target audience. Their famous purple barn already stood out in a sea of red ones, and that was just the beginning.

Through our partnership, Beanstalk embraced the uniqueness of Sassy G’s and captured the essence of their farm through compelling photos that showcase the exciting experiences awaiting visitors. Our meticulously designed website prioritizes visuals over extensive text, providing a virtual tour that serves as a dynamic lead generation tool and answers potential visitors’ questions. By creating a seamless online experience, we have helped drive more traffic and sales for Sassy G’s Adventure Farm. With our innovative solutions, Sassy G’s has solidified their position as a top adventure destination in Alberta.

Our Solutions

Our partnership with Sassy G’s Adventure Farm led us to tackle three key issues head-on, reshaping their brand and digital presence. The strategies were tailored to elevate Sassy G’s Adventure Farm in the competitive landscape.

Brand Positioning Strategy
To distinguish Sassy G’s Adventure Farm in a market dominated by traditional red barns, the client, with the help of Beanstalk, implemented a comprehensive branding strategy centered around the distinctive color purple. Leveraging the psychological impact of color in branding, we crafted a visual identity that resonates with the farm’s fun-filled atmosphere. This strategic color choice not only sets Sassy G’s apart but also communicates the farm’s uniqueness and vibrancy, ensuring a lasting impression on potential visitors.

Create A Visually Appealing Website
Beanstalk approached the challenge of creating a visually appealing website for Sassy G’s Adventure Farm with a focus on immersive storytelling through photos. The website design prioritizes high-quality visuals, capturing the essence of the farm’s diverse offerings. A user-friendly interface showcases vibrant images of U-pick adventures, farm viewing zoos, and other attractions, providing a virtual tour that answers visitors’ questions before they delve into the FAQ section. Our minimalist yet engaging design ensures a seamless user experience, promoting longer stays on the site and increasing the likelihood of converting curious visitors into enthusiastic attendees.

Curate A Dynamic Lead Generation Tool
To transform the website into a dynamic lead generation tool, Beanstalk implemented strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the site. We designed clear and compelling prompts for visitors to subscribe to newsletters, promotions, and exclusive farm experiences. By strategically placing lead magnets and optimizing conversion paths, we aimed to generate a steady influx of leads, nurturing relationships and ultimately boosting sales for Sassy G’s Adventure Farm.

The Impact

The impact of Beanstalk’s partnership with Sassy G’s Adventure Farm has been significant, injecting new life into their brand and business trajectory. With our vibrant solutions, we solidified Sassy G’s as a unique and memorable destination. The visually immersive website, featuring captivating photos, not only answered visitors’ questions but also served as an inviting virtual embrace, setting the stage for increased engagement. Our dynamic lead generation tool seamlessly integrated with the website ensured a continuous flow of enthusiastic leads, leading to heightened visibility and conversion rates for Sassy G’s Adventure Farm.



Through a synergy of strategic branding, web design, and lead generation tactics, we’ve not only addressed the challenges faced by Sassy G’s Adventure Farm but have paved the way for a compelling and successful online presence. As a growth agency, we remain committed to propelling our clients toward growth and sustained success, embracing each challenge as an opportunity to cultivate innovative solutions. Sassy G’s Adventure Farm now stands equipped to captivate audiences, and foster lasting connections.



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