Impressions Under 60 Days on Google Ads


Increase Rate On Generated Leads


People Reached on Social Media Under 30 Days


Increase in overall sales leads, leading to additional 55 daily sales.

Executive Summary

In this case study, we explore the transformative collaboration between our agency and Schaefer Denture Clinic. Faced with challenges ranging from low website traffic to compliance complexities in advertising, our tailored solutions focused on comprehensive website revitalization, targeted advertising campaigns, strategic branding, and meticulous compliance management. The results speak volumes, showcasing increased online visibility, heightened brand perception, and tangible business impact for Schaefer Denture Clinic. Through a strategic digital marketing approach, we not only addressed immediate goals but positioned the clinic as an industry leader with a growing patient base, marking a resounding success in the competitive denture industry.

About The Client

A distinguished denture clinic with a legacy spanning over three generations, providing premium denture solutions and a range of related services. With a heritage that surpasses 60 years, they take pride in their commitment to excellence and personalized patient care.

Recently, Schaefer Denture Clinic invested in cutting-edge equipment worth $30,000, but they haven’t maximized its potential. To enhance their capabilities and attract high-profit-margin implant denture patients, they aim to leverage targeted advertising efforts, acquiring 1-2 new implant denture patients monthly. Their objective is clear — to welcome a minimum of 4 new patients each month. Through strategic marketing initiatives and a focus on generating more sales, Beanstalk helped the client to get precise actions to achieve their goals.

The Challenge

Despite their rich history, Schaefer Denture Clinic faced critical challenges, including low website traffic and an outdated site. They also encountered numerous issues and flagging for their advertisements that hindered them to showcase the greatness of their services while adhering to platform rules and regulations.

Low Visitors on Website
They identified a significant challenge in the form of low website traffic, hindering their online visibility and potential patient reach. Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence, they sought effective strategies to drive more visitors to their website.

Outdated Website
Another obstacle the client faced was the need for a website update. In the dynamic digital landscape, an outdated website can impact user experience and deter potential patients. A modern, user-friendly website was crucial to align with their commitment to excellence.

Ad Campaign Complexities and Compliance
Navigating the intricacies of search ads, display ads, meta ads, and ensuring compliance with platform rules and regulations posed a considerable challenge. Particularly, dealing with sensitive content in before-and-after scenarios required a delicate approach to avoid violations while effectively showcasing the greatness of their services and products.

Navigating the complexities of sensitive content in before-and-after scenarios, our creative team implemented a compliant strategy that met regulations while highlighting transformative outcomes. Through these tailored solutions, the client overcame challenges, attracting more website visitors and positioning themselves as industry leaders, ensuring a seamless online experience for potential patients.

Our Solutions

Our agency undertook a multifaceted approach to address the challenges faced by Schaefer Denture Clinic, implementing tailored strategies and tactics across various key areas.

Website Revitalization
Recognizing the impact of an outdated website on user experience and online visibility, our agency initiated a comprehensive website design and development strategy. The team collaborated closely with the client to revamp their online presence, focusing on modern aesthetics and user-friendly navigation. This involved a complete redesign, incorporating visually appealing elements and ensuring seamless functionality. Additionally, we optimized the website for search engines, enhancing its discoverability and driving organic traffic.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns
To combat low website traffic, our agency devised targeted advertising campaigns encompassing search ads, display ads, and meta ads. Leveraging captivating visuals and persuasive copy, these campaigns highlighted the premium denture solutions and related services offered by Schaefer Denture Clinic. Our advertising approach not only increased visibility but also adhered meticulously to platform rules and regulations. The campaigns were tailored to attract the target audience, resulting in improved lead generation and sales.

Branding Strategy
Understanding the importance of brand perception, our agency worked on refining the client’s branding strategy. This involved a careful analysis of their unique selling propositions and the development of cohesive messaging that resonated with their target audience. The branding strategy aimed to position the client as a leader and pioneer in the denture industry, emphasizing their legacy of excellence and commitment to personalized patient care.

Compliance in Sensitive Ads
Navigating the complexities of sensitive content in advertising, particularly before-and-after visuals, required a nuanced approach. Our creative team developed compliant and visually appealing content that showcased the transformative outcomes of the client’’s services without violating platform policies. This involved a meticulous understanding of industry regulations and a commitment to maintaining a tasteful yet impactful representation of their offerings.

Ongoing Monitoring and Adaptation
Recognizing the dynamic nature of digital marketing, our agency implemented a system for ongoing monitoring and adaptation. Regular assessments of website performance, ad campaigns, and compliance ensured that Schaefer Denture Clinic remained aligned with industry standards and platform regulations. This proactive approach allowed us to swiftly adapt to changes, optimizing strategies for sustained success.

The Impact

The impact of our comprehensive solutions for Schaefer Denture Clinic has been transformative, both quantitatively and qualitatively, significantly elevating their online presence and business outcomes.

Ads Performance
Our targeted advertising campaigns on Google Ads for Schaefer Denture Clinic generated remarkable results, with an impressive 204,000 impressions in less than 3 months. The campaigns achieved a stellar increase in sales leads up to 113.33%, showcasing the efficacy of our strategies. Notably, there was a 100% increase in leads, translating up to 55 daily additional sales. These numbers underscore the success of our approach in not only attracting visitors but also converting them into engaged leads.

Social Media Reach
Complementing our Google Ads success, our social media strategy resulted in reaching an extensive audience of 12,134 people for Schaefer Denture Clinic under 90 days. The combination of targeted advertising and strategic social media engagement amplified their brand visibility and connected with potential patients on multiple platforms.

Business Impact
The increased lead rates directly correlate with a tangible benefit for Schaefer Denture Clinic’s business. The surge in daily sales means more individuals are not only visiting their website but taking desired actions, such as scheduling appointments or making inquiries. This heightened engagement signifies a growing interest in Schaefer Denture Clinic’s premium denture solutions and related services.

Improved Return on Investment (ROI)
With a meticulous focus on adherence to platform rules and regulations, our agency ensured that every advertising dollar spent delivered maximum value for Schaefer Denture Clinic. The increased sales leads and expanded reach translate directly into an improved return on investment, making their marketing efforts not only effective but also efficient.

In essence, our solutions have not only increased website traffic and social media reach for Schaefer Denture Clinic but have also translated into concrete business outcomes. The heightened sales signify a growing patient base, improved brand perception, and enhanced ROI. Our strategic approach has positioned Schaefer Denture Clinic as a frontrunner in the denture industry, ensuring sustained growth and success in a competitive market.



In conclusion, our partnership with Schaefer Denture Clinic marks a pivotal success in addressing their unique challenges and elevating their digital presence. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing website design, targeted advertising, branding, and compliance, we successfully navigated obstacles and delivered impactful solutions. The project’s success is evident not only in the quantitative metrics but also in the qualitative shifts observed. The positive transformation in brand perception, coupled with concrete improvements in Schaefer Denture Clinic’s business outcomes, reflects the holistic impact of our tailored strategies. This collaboration stands as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic digital marketing in not only meeting immediate goals but also in fostering a sustained and elevated position in the denture industry. We are proud to have played a role in Schaefer Denture Clinic’s journey to success and look forward to continued growth together.



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