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Executive Summary

In the picturesque town of Prince George, British Columbia, The London Day Spa faced a common challenge: communicating the prestige of their business through their digital website. It had all the makings of a successful business – a robust menu of services, a cozy location, and experienced staff. However, their digital presence did not mirror the sophistication and tranquility guests enjoyed on-site. Beanstalk was charged with the mission to transform and elevate The London’s online persona to match its offline reputation. Through a strategic branding overhaul and digital marketing mastery, Beanstalk not only redefined The London’s identity but also optimized its marketing expenditure, thereby crafting a narrative of sustained growth and success.

About The Client

Founded in 2012 by certified Aesthetician Tanya Wood, The London in Prince George, British Columbia, is an intimate and luxurious retreat designed to enhance self-care and present the best version of oneself. Inspired by a Florida vacation, Tanya envisioned a unique fusion of a boutique, hair salon, and day spa resembling a boutique hotel, complemented by a gift shop. The London’s character building, blending beauty from gardens and high-end wellness services, serves as a serene backdrop. Committed to the guest experience, their team prioritizes service excellence. Beanstalk addressed the need for a sensory-stimulating brand and a user-friendly website, successfully creating an elegant brand identity for The London’s calming day spa experience.

The Challenge

The challenge at hand for The London was the need for a brand identity that could authentically capture the essence of their intimate and rejuvenating day spa experience. Tanya Wood, the founder, sought to create a space that stimulated the senses and provided a sanctuary for the mind and body. Beanstalk stepped in to craft a branding strategy that not only reflected the luxurious and calming atmosphere of The London but also resonated with the spa’s commitment to self-care and personal well-being. The London needed a brand that conveyed the spa’s unique blend of a boutique, hair salon, and day spa, akin to a boutique hotel. Additionally, the client was in need of an online presence through a user-friendly website, ensuring that potential customers could seamlessly engage with The London’s services and experience the serenity of the spa virtually. In overcoming this challenge, Beanstalk played a pivotal role in establishing The London as a distinguished and inviting destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat.

Our Solutions

In addressing the unique challenge presented by The London, Beanstalk executed a two-fold solution. Firstly, the agency meticulously crafted a branding strategy that captured the spa’s essence, harmonizing luxury and self-care. Secondly, Beanstalk revamped the digital landscape by designing a user-friendly website that mirrored the spa’s elegance, providing visitors with a virtual gateway to the tranquil haven that is The London.

Branding Strategy
Beanstalk approached the challenge by meticulously designing a branding strategy that resonated with The London’s vision of a sensory-stimulating and elegant day spa. Leveraging their expertise, the agency crafted a brand identity that seamlessly integrated the spa’s commitment to beauty, luxury, and self-care. The result was a cohesive and intimate representation of The London’s unique blend of services, emphasizing the boutique, hair salon, and day spa aspects reminiscent of a boutique hotel. The branding aimed to convey a sense of tranquility and sophistication, mirroring the spa’s mission to provide a serene haven for guests.

Website Design & Development
Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, Beanstalk extended their solution to revamp The London’s digital platform. The agency designed a user-friendly website that not only reflected the brand’s elegance but also offered a seamless and engaging experience for visitors. The website became a virtual gateway for clients to explore The London’s services, fostering a connection with the spa’s calming atmosphere even before stepping through its doors. Through strategic design elements and intuitive navigation, Beanstalk successfully enhanced The London’s online visibility, ensuring that the digital representation mirrored the spa’s commitment to luxury, wellness, and self-pampering.

The Impact

Beanstalk’s comprehensive solution had a transformative impact on The London’s digital presence. Within a remarkable 90 days, the implementation of the branding strategy and the revamped website resulted in an astounding 95.2 percent growth in organic traffic. The spa saw a notable ascent, with 131 keywords securing top positions on Google search results, solidifying The London’s visibility and accessibility to potential clients.

Simultaneously, the agency’s strategic approach also demonstrated financial efficacy, as The London witnessed a significant 33.46 percent decrease in cost per lead. This optimization in marketing spend highlighted the efficiency and targeted reach of Beanstalk’s initiatives.

Moreover, the digital facelift translated into a remarkable 87.04 percent growth in Home Page Traffic, indicating a heightened interest and engagement from online visitors. This surge in traffic underscored the success of the agency’s endeavors in not only attracting but also retaining a broader audience.

In essence, Beanstalk’s tailored solutions not only elevated The London’s online visibility but also drove tangible results, positioning the spa as a premier destination through strategic branding and digital optimization.



In conclusion, The London through Beanstalk has not only revitalized the spa’s digital presence but also created a harmonious connection with the essence of a spa experience. Like a carefully curated blend of luxurious oils and soothing melodies, the strategic branding enveloped The London, reflecting its intimate and rejuvenating atmosphere. The redesigned website serves as a gateway, inviting visitors into the spa’s sophisticated retreat. This seamless integration of branding mirrors the serene and elegant journey that The London offers, transforming it into a distinguished destination that beckons those seeking a sensory escape. The success of our initiatives, akin to the transformative effects of a spa day, solidifies The London as a premier haven for indulgence and relaxation in the digital landscape.



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