Average ROI (Industry Average: 4:1)


Lead Count Increase

60% +

Conversion Rate Improvement


Average CPL Reduction

Executive Summary

This case study explores the transformative journey of Victory UAV, formerly A3UAV Pilot Training, from facing technological and operational challenges to becoming a leader in UAV training in Canada. Leveraging Beanstalk’s expertise, Victory UAV revamped its digital presence with a user-friendly, high-performing website, alongside a precisely targeted marketing strategy. This overhaul catalyzed a significant uptick in leads, conversions, and return on investment, marking a pivotal turn in its market positioning.

About The Client

Victory UAV is a leading drone training school in Canada for aspiring UAV operators, providing in-depth training courses that adhere to the latest Transport Canada regulations. By focusing on legal compliance and mastery in drone operation, Victory UAV ensures its clients are equipped with the most advanced skills needed for the rapidly evolving UAV industry. This commitment to excellence and regulatory adherence establishes Victory UAV as a reputable leader in UAV education.

The Challenge

Victory UAV faced significant challenges with its existing website, including performance issues, reliability concerns, and difficulties integrating essential services—all exacerbated by a lack of support from their previous development team. The need for a comprehensive rebranding and a dependable online platform became urgent to reflect their legal transition to Victory UAV and maintain their esteemed position as industry leaders.

Our Solutions

Beanstalk conducted a comprehensive analysis and devised a multifaceted strategy to rejuvenate Victory UAV’s online presence and boost sales. Our approach included:

1. Platform Migration: We transitioned their core services to a mobile-friendly, cost-effective platform.
2. Website Development: We designed an aesthetically pleasing and high-performing website optimized for lead and sales generation.
3. Search Engine Optimization: We performed best SEO practices to attract quality clients.
4. Paid Advertising Campaign: We executed a targeted paid advertising campaign to drive platform sign-ups and sales.

The Impact

Beanstalk’s solutions yielded remarkable results:

1. Average ROI: Achieved an outstanding 8:1 ROI, significantly surpassing the industry average of 4:1.
2. Lead Count Increase: Secured a remarkable 250% increase in qualified leads for UAV sector campaigns.
3. Conversion Rate Improvement: Realized a 60% higher conversion rate from lead to customer.
4. Average CPL Reduction: Accomplished a 40% reduction in cost per lead.



The successful collaboration between Victory UAV and Beanstalk demonstrates the transformative impact of strategic digital marketing and web development on business outcomes. Through addressing operational challenges with innovative solutions and targeted marketing strategies, Victory UAV has been elevated to a leading position in UAV training. This case underlines the effectiveness of leveraging digital advancements to achieve significant business growth and market leadership.



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