The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) phenomenon has long been here, and from all indications, it’s here to stay. In an increasingly digital era, the use of SEO is only going to have added significance. With Google still looking out for ways to improve SEOs, it is imperative that businesses and individuals alike become adept at this digital marketing trend. Over at Beanstalk Growth Marketing, we are committed to seeing you become just that! 

Why are SEO trends relevant? 

SEO is the use of digital signals such as keywords (among hundreds of other signals) to improve your website’s visibility for seekers online. Think of the internet as a large crowd of people, with everyone seeking another targeted group’s attention. SEO ensures you can stay colorful enough to draw the target group’s attention amidst the sea of competitors around you. 

To make the most of SEO, you need to be well-versed in the science behind SEO and web development. Time is a premium commodity on the internet, and the higher you rank, the better your chances of getting users’ attention. When it comes to digital marketing, Beanstalk Growth Marketing can help you rank higher and higher on search results, so potential customers check you out before they’re drawn by someone else. You might be in Canada, as Beanstalk Growth Marketing is located, or you could be anywhere else in the world, but in today’s day-in-age you have the opportunity to reach potential customers across the world. 

To promote your product or service to a global audience, you need to have a fair idea of trends that stand out in 2021. Remember that in a post-covid world, more people are online, and you would not want to miss the golden opportunity to make loyal customers out of users with these trends! 

Mobile-friendliness is crucial

The first trend you want to note is that mobile-friendliness is going to become increasingly essential. Due to smartphones’ tremendous potential to serve users’ interests, many people are doing all their searches on their phones. Mobile-friendliness is such a big deal in website development that Google made it a factor in 2015. You might want to double-check that Google has switched your website to mobile indexing. Just go to the Search Console and check your settings, and then look out for Indexing Crawler. So, like this: Google Search Console > Settings > Indexing Crawler. If you see “Google Smartphone” when you check, Google has already switched you. If not, you may need a few tips on website development, and Beanstalk Growth Marketing is here to help you do just this. 

Beanstalk Growth Marketing - SEO

Zero-click searches 

Another SEO trend to look out for in 2021 is that Zero-Click Searches will increasingly be a thing with Google getting better at answering searches in the SERP feature (Search Engine Results Page). You can do relatively little about this, considering that a good percentage of searches are no-click searches for some keywords. But because showing up in zero-click searches gives you increased brand awareness and perception, you should want to take a shot with zero-click online searches.


 With SEO, you are assured of reaching more people, and that is a valuable currency in digital marketing. There are more trends to look out for, and Beanstalk Growth Marketing is here to help you recognize them and walk you through how to position your business to take advantage of them. Get in touch with us now! 


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