Why Having A Website Is So Important?


A website is a powerful tool that businesses and individuals can use to set themselves up in the digital market. When looking for services, goods, or services, we search the internet and click on a website that appears promising to deliver on our expectations. Regardless of the industry, a website has a great impact on a business. A business owner should consider having a website that will represent his business 24/7. As a Digital Business Development & Marketing company, Beanstalk Growth Marketing offers comprehensive services such as website design, advertising, SEO optimizations, and PR & Earned Media strategies to help you take your business to the next level. Since the website acts as a digital representation of your brand, it is very crucial to have a professional site that will fully reflect your image and mission. 

Importance Of A Website

Most clients pay an online visit to a company that they are interested in before purchasing anything from them. A great website gives a business legitimacy and will help increase exposure and revenue to the business. A website is important in many ways, such as:

Increases Credibility

The information on your site will showcase your business as an established brand and will help to give more credibility. Important details to include to boost your credibility and make the visitor comfortable to interact with you are things like:

  • Details about your services or products
  • Your background and mission as an organization
  • Your contact details
  • Customer reviews as well as a well-documented portfolio
  • Social media links to highlight your interaction with the general public

Promotes Brand Awareness

Websites are powerful in displaying your brand’s identity to clients. It is a clear channel to communicate what your brand is all about, your purpose, what you stand for, and increases your visitors’ confidence. The theme of a site and the visual elements used will help enhance your identity and create a lasting brand image.

Increases Leads

The digital space has made it possible to increase leads for your business. By having an online presence, you get exposed to leads that you would not have had any connection to if you did not have a website. In addition, visitors who are led to or stumble across your site may be interested in what you offer and know how to reach out to you once they are ready to engage.

Provides Customer Support

 Your audience will be able to gauge if they will get a good experience simply by looking at your website. A site is like a customer support agent for any business, so it needs to be inviting, modern, and appealing. Your clients should feel at home visiting your site, and this is easily achieved by having a great user interface and content that is factual and complete. 

On the other hand, most inquiries a business may get asked about are the hours of operation, pricing, delivery process, or services and/or product usage. A website that includes all this vital information through a FAQ and contact section will give satisfying information to those with basic inquiries and save time answering the customers.  

Boosts Organic Traffic

With an optimized site, you have a great chance of appearing much higher in search engine results and receiving more traffic to your site. This will, in turn, boost your customer base, allow you to communicate important news and updates, and eventually provide a great return on investment.

If you are launching a new product or have an event coming up, your website will be the best place to post the updates. Visitors may be inclined to act on your announcements if they are timely and well developed. 

Promotes Confidence And Trust

In this digital age, most people will not take a business without a professionally developed website seriously. With high-quality content, a website will increase the trust levels and make it easier for consumers to want to interact and identify with your brand. 

Enables Sales

If you are in the e-commerce sector, a website that features a shopping cart will make it possible for your clients to make successful purchases. To enhance the shopping experience, ensure that the check-out process is seamless and straightforward to avoid abandoned carts. In the case that you do have users who abandon their carts, there are different ways to retarget these users so that over time they do end up purchasing your items.


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What Constitutes A Great Website???

It is not enough to have an active and functional website. For a website to effectively pass your message and boost growth for your business, it needs to be powerful and professional. As a professional web agency, it is our job to design a site that will be a perfect representation of your brand and offer an exceptional user experience. To achieve this, we ensure we include the following features:

A Professional And Attractive Design 

Make your website stand out by using visuals, colours, and fonts that are not only attractive but also align with your company’s image. In addition, there should be uniformity in the fonts and size used. The theme used should be intuitive and work well on any device. Finally, the style and layout of your site should be well polished and clean to reflect your brand’s style. If you’re seeking inspiration for upcoming projects, feel free to explore some of the best web designs on DesignRush!

Easy Navigation

The interface should be friendly enough for users to navigate without any trouble. The menus should be straightforward and enable the visitors to find what they are looking for fast.

Informative Content

The content on your website should be concise and informative to guide the site’s visitors on your products or services. The content should include relevant keywords for your niche. In addition, it should include your portfolio or social media links where potential clients can connect with you and view what you offer and deliver.

SEO Optimized Content

To get a higher ranking on the search engines, your website needs to be SEO optimized. We offer comprehensive SEO services to help you get noticed in the diverse digital space.

Fast Loading Times

For a great visitor experience, the site should take minimal time to load fully. Users may leave your site without engaging with it if they get frustrated with it loading slowly. 

Quick Checkout Process

If you are running an eCommerce business, you will need your website to have easy conversion features to have more sales. One of the features is having a shopping cart that is simple to use.  

Responsive Design

A responsive design will ensure that anyone can access your site and have a great experience regardless of the device or browser they are using. A pleasant experience based on the responsiveness of a site will keep the visitors on your site longer. We always test the sites we work on to ensure that it functions and appears as it should across all platforms.

Call To Action Buttons

To convert your leads, you need to make use of the CTA buttons. The Call To Action buttons should be very attractive to catch one’s eye and strategically placed to encourage the users to act and proceed to the next step. 


Getting Started With Beanstalk Growth Marketing

It is crucial to enlist the services of a reputable agency that will design and maintain a professional website that caters to your business needs. Beanstalk Growth Marketing is ready to set your site up for success. We believe that a site’s performance will greatly impact the success of a brand, so we build websites with dynamic designs that are sure to drive desired results. Our highly skilled web designers have the skill and the experience to create a site that will draw people to want to know more and act on your story. We will also make sure that your target customers find you easily by making sure that your website content is well-structured and fully optimized. 

For us, it is always about positive growth. Give us a call today if you want to find out more about how we can take your brand to the next level through our digital growth strategies. 


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