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Consumer perception of your company or brand is everything. We help position companies and brands in the minds of consumers the way they want to be viewed.

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Your story is valuable, and sharing it can be a great way to connect with others and build relationships.

Positioning You To Greatness

Beanstalk Growth Marketing - Traditional PR vs Digital PR

When IBM positioned itself as the “computer solution” to the world, it was not only differentiating itself from the competition but also establishing a leadership position in the industry. This is why brand positioning is essential to any brand strategy.

There are many factors to consider when developing a brand positioning strategy. The most important is to understand your target market and what needs or wants your product or service meets. You must, of course, acknowledge the competition when developing your positioning strategy. 

With Beanstalk Growth Marketing, we will position you to succeed by not only putting you in the minds of your target market but also making you an essential part of their life.

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Putting The “U” In Nurture

When growing your brand’s community and following, there’s no “rule of thumb” that says you have to do it alone.

You can take the lead but we’ll be there right behind you to ensure your campaigns are at their best.


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